Belgrade | June 2018

Training School: How to manage key financial tasks for H2020 European research and innovation projects: Finance for Beginners

June 4-6, 2018 | Belgrade, Serbia


Key objectives

Universities, research organisations, small- and large business enterprises all over Europe have an opportunity to participate in European research and innovation projects, and receive EU funding through the EU framework programmes for research and innovation Horizon 2020. To make use of this opportunity, they have to manage financial tasks for the projects in compliance with EU rules and commit themselves to the requirements of budgetary management, accounting, and financial reporting regulations. It is crucial that projects both meet the overall strategic objectives of the funding scheme and also meet the detailed financial rules. Complex eligibility criteria and rules have to be followed and strict deadlines have to be met.

During the three days BESTPRAC Training School “How to manage key financial tasks for H2020 European research and innovation projects: Finance for Beginners” participants were shown how to analyse and understand financial management procedures and requirements for well-planned and well-executed H2020 projects, and how to solve financial management tasks.

Read the full report of the Training school Dateidownloadhere.



Per Inge Andresen, Senior adviser, NTNU – Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway

Mag. Dr. Wolfram Rieneck, Deputy Head of Service Center Research, Medical University Innsbruck, Austria

Geraldine Leonard, European Project manager, Université d'Orléans, France

Francesca Tomasi, Head Administrative Officer, University of Trento, Italy

Darina Zaimova, Associate Professor, Trakia University



DateidownloadDetailed programme


1. DateidownloadFinancial management: practitioner's needs (Per Inge Andresen) 

2. DateidownloadH2020 and relevant documents (Géraldine Leonard) 

3. DateidownloadBudgeting at the proposal stage (Wolfram Rieneck) 

4. DateidownloadBudget preparation exercises (Wolfram Rieneck) 

5. DateidownloadFrom proposal to project (Wolfram Rieneck) 

6. DateidownloadThe management of H2020 projects (Per Inge Andresen) 

7. DateidownloadThe management of H2020 projects: Tips and Tricks (Per Inge Andresen) 

8. DateidownloadThe financial reporting (Darina Zaimova) 

9. DateidownloadCertificate on Financial Statements (Per Inge Andresen) 

10. DateidownloadAudit procedure (Francesca Tomasi)

11. DateidownloadPractical audit experience (Per Inge Andresen) 

12. DateidownloadWhat it means to be a H2020 coordinator (Wolfram Rieneck) 



You can watch the recording of the training school on the following link.

Contact details

Local organizerEmailMarina Matovic

Training School Managers (for questions on the COST Training School programme): EmailMadalena Martins and EmailCristina Oliveira

Grant Holder (for questions on registration and reimbursement): EmailAndri Charalambous