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Member of WG1, Substitute Member of MC
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Expertise relevant to the Targeted Network

Since 2008 I serve as the Director of the Research Authority at the University of Haifa and since the beginning of 2013 I’m the chairman of the Forum of University Research Authority Directors of the Institutes for Higher Education in Israel (FURAD).

Since the end of 2012 I’m Israel’s representative to the SECURITY PC of the European Union.

My main fields of interest are policy making, standardization & discretion paradoxes, standards implementation, human behavior during emergencies and mass disaster management and of course higher education systems. After completing my Bachelor degree in Political Sciences, I enrolled for a Masters degree at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology where I specialized in complex organizations research, innovation in organization and quality management (Environmental Management Systems). My Ph.D. dissertation (2011) is in the field of Mass Disaster Management at the Technion, Israel. It deals with the meaning of social networks and generic groups for surviving life threats events. What I found was that information flows with-in and out-side the social network play a prominent role in human adaptation and actual behavior when individuals face an immediate change in or threat to their everyday course of life. Using data sets form terror exposed settlements in Israel, my work shows that people survive long term threats by gathering information and validation from their immediate social milieu. 

My M.Sc. thesis (2006) dealt with the standardization–discretion paradox in management while implementing innovation in organizations. It examines this paradox as performance enhancers from a strategy point of view. The platform for this research is the ISO 14001 standard while developing unique economical index for analyzing economic performance on the corporate level. This work won the 2006 IEEE TEM publication award, honorable mention. Combing these fields of unique expertise I’m a researcher at and consultant with the Population Behavior & Organizational Consulting branch at the Home-Front Command (Israeli Army). My main area of consulting is human behavior during crisis, population preparedness for emergencies and disasters, human abilities and needs during emergencies (i.e. knowledge, skills, and information), public agencies communication before and during a disaster. I’m a member of a special advisory board to policy makers both in the army and the public service in Israel. 

I am sure I will be able to contribute to the action with my vast experience both in the academic field and the research authority management. 



The University of Haifa was founded in 1963. Today it is home to more than 18,000 students with over 750 scholars and scientists making up the academic staff of the University's six Faculties: Humanities; Social Sciences and Mathematics; Education; Law; Social Welfare and Health Studies; and Natural Sciences . There is also a thriving Graduate School of Business while the on-campus IBM Haifa Science and Technology Center underscores the University’s potential for 21st-century IST research.

The University of Haifa is strongly committed to cutting-edge scientific research and international collaboration, actively encouraging researchers from diverse disciplines to pool their unique skills and perspectives into innovative joint research projects and open up new avenues of scientific inquiry and scholarly endeavor.  Currently more than 30 joint projects in cutting-edge science are underway with European researchers. 

Among the most prominent of the University’s 50 multifaceted research centers are the Institute of Evolution, the Interdisciplinary Center for Brain and Behavior, the Max Wertheimer Center for Cognitive Processes and Human Performance, the Institute for Studies of Affective Neuroscience, and the Center for Gene Manipulation in the CNS. The Leon H. Charney School of Marine Sciences is dedicated to solving complex and pressing issues of the marine environment on a global level.

A prime asset is the University’s Younes and Soraya Nazerian Library, the largest and richest university library in Israel serving its own students and researchers as well as the wider public. 

The University of Haifa carries high the banner of social responsibility and service to the community, its pluralistic campus being a true reflection of the multi-ethnic mozaic that is Israeli society as a whole. 

Curriculum Vitae

Education/Professional Career


B.A, University of Haifa


M.Sc, Faculty of Industrial engineering & Management – Technion


Ph.D, Faculty of Industrial engineering & Management - Technion
2005-2008:Adjunct lecturer – Technion IIT. Full research fellowship (including excellence research scholarship), Israel


Associate – E.D.G.E track Solutions L.T.D, Israel
since 2008:Research Authority - Director, University of Haifa, Israel