Who/what is Working Group 2: Finance?

A motivated group of early stage and experienced financial administrators, working at universities and research-driven institutions, focused on networking and different tasks with the aim of providing support to transnational, external competition based (in particular EU funded) research projects. 


What is the approach of WG2? 

WG2 provides a networking forum, a learning platform, and a place to share experiences and best practice among research administrator/research managers, dealing with financial tasks on daily basis at different institutions. WG2 aims to support researchers involved in the lifecycle of European funded projects by achieving the three objectives of the WG2 for the period 2018-2020:

1. Draw lessons from H2020 and prepare research  administrators for financial implementation of Horizon Europe.

2. The group will prepare a set of financial rules for error-free financial management – New financial guide.

3. Supporting cross-WG topics - Joint Interactive Sessions of WG1/WG2/WG3 with the aim of improving the administrative, financial and legal procedures of research projects implemented with European funding.


What has been done so far in WG2?

During the previous meetings of WG2, topics like Financial implementation of Grant Agreement Amendments, CFS (Certificate of financial statement) process in H2020, New pilot models of lump sum funding, Support for H2020 coordinators, Financial aspects of preparing and running cross-EuropeanProjects (personnel cost, internal invoices, exchange rates, audit, etc.) have been addressed.


What are the plans for the future of WG2?

For the upcoming meetings, topics such as How to avoid errors in Horizon 2020?; How to survey audit of H2020 projects? - Indicative Audit Programme; Mapping needs of those that practice financial management of cross-border, European research projects; What does it mean to be a H2020 coordinator? - Financial management as coordinator will be further discussed, and new topics like Simplification measures initiated by the EC and Financial regulations in Horizon Europe will be covered.


What benefits does WG2 membership offer?

If you are an active member of WG2, you will have the following opportunities:

  • The chance to be a part of a professional network of (financial) research managers and administrators based in 40 countries,
  • Benefit from the exchange of best practices between financial research administrations systems,
  • Take part in our WG2 meetings if you propose a topic relevant for your day-to-day work as a research administrator dealing with financial aspects of preparing and running cross-European projects, on one side, and help achieve objectives of the WG2 on the other,
  • Send any questions about financial aspects of preparing and running cross-European projects to our Facebook group, WG2 emailing list or LinkedIn group and you will quickly get answers / comments / suggestions based on the practical experience and knowledge of experienced financial research administrators from all over Europe

How to join WG2? 

Feel free to contact the WG-leader to join WG2 and get involved in our activities.