Final meeting | Brussels | September 2019

BESTPRAC Final Meeting

COST Association, Brussels, Belgium

September 6, 2019


The final BESTPRAC meeting was held on September 6, 2019 at COST Association in Brussels, in the presence of representatives of the European Commission, COST Association and the European University Association.

During the meeting, BESTPRAC Core Group members presented the outputs of the network in the last 6 years and plans for its continuation. You can read about the results of the network in the DateidownloadBESTPRAC booklet and hear what our members had to say about its continuation in the following video (YouTube).

A representative of the RMA community and the research community also gave their thoughts on benefits of BESTPRAC for the development of research administration and the success of research projects in general.

The second part of the programme was dedicated to a round table discussion on the topic of Benefits of quality Research Management/Administration for Europe, during which representatives of the European Commission, researchers, RMAs and EARMA disscussed the topic. The conclusion of the round table can be summarised as follows: RMAs are a clear competitive advantage for any research organisation, as the game is constantly changing in the EU funding landscape, and the rules for participation will never really be simplified. Quality research support is therefore a necessity as it gives researchers more time to focus on the quality of their research.


Thank you COST Association for hosting the meeting and especially to Mr Ronald de Bruin for participating in the programme!


Thank you to all BESTPRAC members who participated in the network’s activities throughout the years and contributed to its success! Without your dedication, active participation, hard work and willingness to share your experience and help your peers, this network would not be what it is today. It's been one hell of a journey and we hope it will continue in the time to come!



DateidownloadFinal programme

DateidownloadBESTPRAC booklet (2014-2019)

DateidownloadSpreading Excellence and Widening Participation under Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe, Adeline Kroll, EC, DG RTD






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