Workshop | Tallinn | March 2019


Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia

March 11-12, 2019 


The 11th BESTPRAC Working Group meeting was held from March 11-12 at the Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia.

There was a great interest in participating in the joint meeting. In total, 113 applications were received. Finally, 89 research administrators from 33 countries attended the meeting. Among the participants 54 % came from so-called inclusiveness countries, 26 % were MC members and 47 % so-called Early Stage Administrators. It shall also be mentioned that 70 % of the participants were female and 68 % already participated in previous BESTPRAC activities.

As part of the meeting, two plenary sessions were held for all participants. The first one was held by Peter Härtwich from DG Research & Innovation on the EU Funding&Tenders portal. The portal was recently launched by the European Commission and it contains many novelties in comparison to the Research Participant portal previously used for applying for and implementation of Horizon 2020 projects. In the other plenary session, The Art of Writing, Ellen Schenk from Erasmus University Medical Center Rotterdam presented the most important aspects of writing a successful funding proposal with useful tips on how to make a funding proposal stand out.

The recordings of both sessions are available on the BESTPRAC YouTube channel.

Apart from the joint sessions, separate meetings of the three individual working groups (WG1: Administration, WG2: Finance, WG3: Legal) were held and filled in most of the Tallinn meeting schedule.

WG1 discussed the next multiannual financial framework 2021-2027 and presented facts about Horizon Europe and Erasmus+ programmes known at this point. A discussion on how to better engage with the government, business & civil sector was also held as well as two sessions designed to develop soft skills needed in research administration.

The focus of WG2 during this meeting was on updating the Financial guide for Horizon 2020 and the development of a Coordinator`s Survival Kit – both documents which will be made available on the BESTPRAC website and will be highly useful to anyone preparing or managing H2020 projects.

WG3 discussed different experiences in implementing GDPR, followed by sessions about technology transfer (spin-offs), synergies between Horizon 2020 and other European funded projects and support in writing project proposals in H2020 (Impact section). 

Prior to the Working Group meeting, on March 11, a joint meeting of the Impact and Stakeholder Engagement Group (ISEG), Sustainability Group (SG) and Communication Group (COMG) was also held, whose results were presented to the BESTPRAC members in the opening session of the Working Group meeting. 



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