Franja ARLIC

Member Substitute of MC, Member of WG2
+386 123 477 35

Expertise relevant to the Targeted Network

The Peace Institute (PI) implements a substantial number of EU funded projects, not only research projects but also other EC programmes and actions. Working for the PI for over 10 years as an administrator on different projects, Franja Arlič gained valuable expertise and experiences on different requirements and standards needed to support the researchers, enabling successful accomplishment of granted projects on all dimensions.  Being involved in project administration daily, she is primarily focused on financial aspects of the implementing projects. She is also responsible for the overall financial operations of the Institute as managing director. Knowing details of projects’ finances enables her better strategic planning, managing and standardization of the entire Institute. 



Peace Institute - Institute for Contemporary Social and Political Studies - is a non-profit research institution, located in Ljubljana, Slovenia. It was established in 1991. PI develops independent interdisciplinary research in the fields of sociology, political science, anthropology and philosophy. Its goal is to combine strong academic research and reflection with practical orientation - to engage in educational and policy work in different fields of public policies and public action in general.  


The research administration within the organization is shared among various staff members. The overall responsibility for projects’ accomplishment has the director. In practice the projects are led by the senior, most experienced researchers. The financial management of the project is shared among two employees usually that are on administrative positions. One is engaged mostly full time for that position, the other engagement depends how many projects the institute is implementing. The coordination and other admin work for the project is done by the member of each project team, normally on junior position.


Education/Professional Career


Studies of economics and business, University of Maribor, Slovenia (Master of Science’s degree)

since 2003:

Project’s administrator at the Peace Institute - Institute for contemporary social and political studies
since 2004:Managing director at the Peace Institute - Institute for contemporary social and political studies