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Expertise relevant to the Targeted Network

As a researcher administrator I have dealt with many different types of projects and financing  institutions. At the present we have, in INIAV, around 100 on going projects, 10 of which are financed by the 7th Framework Programme. Our researchers are preparing six new projects to Horizon 2020. To carry out our work and support our researchers we have to be familiar and constantly updated about the open calls and major guidelines regarding our participation in these consortia.


Since 1992 works as a research administrator at the National Institute for Agrarian and Veterinarian Research, being the Projects’ Support Office (GAP) Coordinator since April 2012.

Has participated, between 1995 and 2007, in the management of the Forestry and Agriculture Support Programme (PAMAF) - Action RED, Training and Organization – and of the Rural Development and Agriculture Operational Program (POAGRO). The work comprised - preparation of the public calls; reception of the research proposals; computer filing of their main characteristics; preparation and organization of the proposal’s evaluation and organization of the proposal’s approval process; preparation of the ex-post evaluation of the finished projects.

Has participated between May 2008 and April 2011, in the INRB's research team in the European project TEAMPEST – Theoretical Developments and Empirical Measurement of the External Costs of Pesticides (7th Framework-Programme). 

The objective of this work was to examine the impact of pesticides reduction from a consumer behavior point of view. Consumers’ willingness to pay (WTP) for reduced use of pesticides in the production of fresh and processed foods was measured. The focus of this study was to analyze the efficient way to transmit the information of pesticides reduction to the consumers (brands, signals of quality, different labels, etc.).  The results between different countries within the EU were compared, and experimental markets were carried out in Portugal, France, Greece and the Netherlands.



The National Institute for Agrarian and Veterinarian Research I. P. (INIAV) is the State Laboratory of the Ministry of Agriculture and Sea that develops research activities in the agricultural and veterinary fields. It has the task of carrying out scientific and policy research to support public policies, while defending the national interests and the deepening of Europe’s common policies. Additionally, INIAV provides laboratory services and scientific and technical support to both farmers and industry. Its National Reference Laboratories perform official analysis in the fields of Animal Health, Plant Health, Food and Feed Safety. Moreover, the preservation and management of the plant and animal germplasm’s databases as well as of the national collections of reference are also included in INIAV’s responsibilities. 

INIAV’s core competences may be summarized as follows: 

- To develop the scientific and technological basis that supports the definition of the public sector policies;

- To promote the activities of research, experimentation and demonstration, according to the public policies’ guidelines designed for each sector, in order to ensure the technical and scientific support that leads to the development, innovation and improved competitiveness in areas such as the forestry, crop’s protection, food production, animal health and food safety, as well as in the area of food technology and biotechnology with application in those areas;

- To ensure its National Reference Laboratory role, broadening the spectrum of laboratory testing particularly in the areas of food safety, animal health and plant protection and health; 

- To cooperate with related scientific and technological institutions, and participate in national and international science and technology activities.

INIAV’s performance in areas such as Food Safety, Plant Health, Animal Health and Genetic Resources (preservation and conservation) can bring a both unique and fundamental contribution to the country’s development. (


At INIAV the R&D personnel (headcount 271) is grouped in 4 Strategic Research Units and, in accordance with the INIAV’s yearly strategic plan,  submit research proposals to the calls available each year, both at national and international levels. GAP offers them help through out the all process - finding the right call, preparing a research proposal and filling out the necessary forms and providing the necessary documentation, submitting the periodical financial forms of the approved projects, monitoring  the technical and financial execution, closing the projects. We do this with the help of a small team of 5 research administrators and a projects’ database where we keep all the information regarding projects, partner institutions, research teams and budgets. We also work in close collaboration with our financial department that provides all the necessary documentation that supports the payment requests submitted. 


Education/Professional Career


Studies of Agricultural Engineer at the Technical University of Lisbon (Instituto Superior de Agronomia)
1993-1994:Course on Technology and Science Management at the Administration National Institute
1998:MSc in Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology at the Technical University of Lisbon (Instituto Superior de Agronomia)
2002:Post-graduate course on Technology and Science Policies at the Technical University of Lisbon (Instituto Superior Técnico)