Dragica DEKIC

Member of WG2
+382 20 409 203

Description of job and tasks involved

  • Manages the work of the Finance Department in accordance with the Law and the Statute of the University
  • Performs the tasks of organization and coordination with other departments and sectors at the University,
  • Organizes the work of the Department, manages all financial and accounting affairs,
  • Prepares the annual Budget and takes care of its execution,Prepares the Business Plan of the University,
  • Compiles a periodical and annual calculation with all the necessary appendices and analyzes, Responsible for the accuracy and correctness of the same,
  • Responsible for securing the necessary financial resources and strives to allocate funds economically in a wholesome manner (plan of inflow and outflow of funds),
  • Cooperates with commercial banks to obtain the necessary loans and guarantees, to repay loans and other activities arising from it (delivery of plans, and projection of balance sheets, business reports ...),
  • Endeavors to settle the contractual and legal obligations between the service provider and the creditor according to the Law,
  • Strives to maintain liquidity in business,
  • Monitors the regulations in the area of ​​material and financial operations and applies them,
  • Takes care of the application of international accounting standards, • Strives to properly record and record all business changes,
  • Takes care of the flow of accounting documents and the deadlines for arrival of the same to ensure the orderly and promptness of accounting and bookkeeping,
  • Performs inspection and control of the correctness of accounting documents,
  • Takes care of financial and accounting control,
  • Organizes and controls the distribution of income as well as funds for workers' salaries, closes the financial structure under contracts,
  • Takes care of the proper processing and delivery of IOPPD forms to the Tax Administration,
  • Takes care of the proper processing and delivery of the form M4,
  • Process and submit forms to the Statistical Office,
  • Organizes bookkeeping in accordance with the principles of regularity, clarity, documentation and interconnection,
  • Takes care of keeping bookkeeping records,
  • Performs other tasks of interest for the service and the University as a whole, and at the request of the Executive Director.

Experience in European research projects



University Mediterranean Podgorica (UNIM) is the first private university in Montenegro. As a fully accredited institution, it provides academic degrees in the field of tourism, hotel management, information technologies, business studies, visual arts, law and foreign languages. The University is clearly and fully committed to enhancing the quality of studies in a systematic and organized manner in order to be modern, flexible, comparable, competitive and efficient. All faculties established and started to use some kind of e-learning methodology (about 60% of courses) and core DL practices have been demonstrated within Faculty of Information Technology and Faculty of Tourism (100% of courses). In addition, UNIM participated in different e-learning and DL projects which brought important progress in the practice. UNIM invests significant efforts to improve the quality of teaching process in traditional and distance learning.   
The University has established a Centre for Project Research and Consulting. In the scope of its work, the center has many activities dealing with education, research projects, consulting in social, legal, economic areas, as well as in the areas of engineering and technology, art, science and others. The basis of the Center`s work is the development of permanent education.


Education/Professional Career


Faculty of Economics, University of Montenegro (graduate studies)


Faculty of Economics, University of Montenegro (postgraduate studies)
1980-1990:Advisor for Finance for Primary Education, Republic Agency for Education
1991-2002:Senior Advisor for Finance for Primary Education, Ministry of Education and Science
2003-2005:Chief Executive for Finance and Accounting, Ministry of Education and Science
2006-2007:Chief Executive for Finance and Accounting, Examination Center of Montenegro
since 2007:Chief Executive for Finance and Accounting, University Mediterranean Podgorica