Marija GAČIĆ

Member of WG2
+381 63 656 892

Description of job and tasks involved

My organisation is small and research oriented. My job is to:

• Prepare and submit project proposals

• Create project budgets

• Take care of financial administration and financial issues

• Project management and administration

• Creating Exploitation and Dissemination plans and strategies.


Experience with European research projects

During my career as a research administrator I have worked on Tempus, Erasmus +, IPA and mostly H2020 funding Schemes. At first I was in charge only for financial monitoring and reporting. At my current position I work on proposal preparation, proposal submitting, project managing, financial reporting. I am in charge for Exploitation and Dissemination activities as well.



BioIRC is a research and development centre for bioengineering established in Serbia devoted to  solving various problems in bioengineering using computer simulations. It has 30 employees, mostly researchers. We are a small organisation, but project oriented and for that purpose we have 4 employees on the position  of project manager.


Education/Professional Career

2017- present:

Research administrator & researcher, BioIRC doo


Financial project officer, University of Kragujevac


PhD studies of Business economics

2007-2012:Banking associate, Credy bank Kragujevac
1995-2002:Studies of economics, University of Kragujevac