Member of WG2, Substitute Member of MC
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Expertise relevant to the Targeted Network

Research/Administrator/Manager of research projects. Ex-Vice Rector Administraive affairs. Co-founder of EvalHum Initiative on promotion and evaluation of SSH research. Working on research evaluation, management of EU projects and internationalisation of SSH research. Expert on Human Resources Strategies



The Université de Bretagne-Sud was founded in 1995 and is a member of the European University of Brittany consortium and also active in the Human Sciences Institute in Brittany (MSHB), part of a national network of institutes. It is a multidisciplinary university covering the sciences, law and the Humanities.


At regional level, UEB, a common service exists to help with applying for EU projects. This consists of a unit based in Rennes with correspondents in Rennes and Brest.  In addition to this, there is another unit specialising in the valorisation of research outputs. The latter is now common to two regions, Brittany and the Pays de la Loire. These units carry out watch activities, organise workshops and advice on the preparation of responses to calls. They can be calld on for advice, but do not participate in the everyday management of projects, the latter being done by the researchers themselves assisted by a project assistant who will be recruited on a short term contract.

Within the Université de Bretagne-Sud, we have one person who manages the finances for EU projects. Each research group has a secretary handling basic administrative issues for all actions of the group, but who does not deal with any project management. Unless you are in a rich science research team, which I am not, you do all your own admin and management. This includes preparing all orders for equipment, logistics and even following the budget. There is no secretarial assistance with project building.


Education/Professional Career


PhD studies Université Paris IV – Sorbonne


Senior lecturer Université de Bretagne-Sud
2010-2012:First Vice Rector and Vice Rector for Administrative Affairs, Université de Bretagne-Sud
2011:co-director EvalHum Initiative for the promotion of SSH research 
since 2013:Expert for European Commission on « Human Resources Strategy for Researchers »