Member of WG2

Description of job and tasks involved

My responsibilities are budgeting, financial reporting and financial management support for EU and other internationally supported projects. Here at Koç University, I am responsible for the financial side of the projects. I assist the researcher from the very beginning, the project application phase starting with the budgeting rules, preparation of the proposal budget, continuing with the interim and final financial reports, according to the requirements of the sponsors.

In detail I am ensuring accurate accounting of income and expenditures and financial reporting of the projects in liaison with the Office of the Comptroller. I also assist with reconciliation and closeouts of the projects. I am also informing the university on the new rules of the project application in terms of financial aspects and the rules and procedures of the university. I am giving recommendations for process change when there is a grand budgetary scale change in the rules and regulations of the funding authorities.

In detail I am responsible for

  • Follow up the updates on Project application and guidance documents  of funding authorities
  • provide information and give detailed explanation for various type of funds for intended applicants as well as the university staff in accounting department, human resources and purchasing department.
  • ask correct questions to the applicants to overview all cost categories related to project activities during application preparation phase
  • Inform the applicant about the rules and procedures within the university for the implementation of the Project
  • Prepare workshops for the faculty on how to prepare and manage Project budget
  • Overview all the projects in terms of budget and related activities and appove for submission.
  • Plan the management of the budget with the Project coordinator (faculty staff) after  the grant agreemtent is signed.
  • Act as mediator to resolve conflicts between funding agency and the universit and faculty.
  • Help finding solutions on the deviation from the budget during Project application phase
  • Preparing financial reports to the funding authorities

I am working with the Financial Comptroller Office, Human Resources and Purchasing department to:

  • guide the financial phase of projects with budgetary detail
  • ensure accurate accounting of income and expenditures on sponsored projects
  • prepare contracts related to the personel hired to work for the project
  • complete and submit financial reporting required and the documentation by sponsors
  • supervise reconciliation and closeout
  • organize meeting to improve administrative process management within the universities departments for project management.

Experience in European research projects

Culture fund

FP7 – Cooperation projects, Ideas (3 ERC projects), Capacities, Mari Curie IRG, CIG, IEF, IOF,

Life Long Learning programme 

Management of 49 project of which 17 currently active.


Koç University (KU) is an endowed, non-profit institution of higher education, located in Istanbul, Turkey. Founded in 1993 by the Vehbi Koç Foundation, KU is a leading research university, attracting accomplished, and high-calibre researchers from all over the world. Majority (97%) of KU faculty have Ph.D.’s selective and reputable universities mainly in the US and Europe. As of 2013 academic year, Koç University has an enrolment of over 5500 students with over 470 faculty members. The modern campus buildings are equipped with state of the art classrooms, teaching laboratories, research laboratories, library, and computer facilities. The University maintains close and strong relations with Universities in Europe and the U.S. through collaborative efforts including joint seminars, academic programs, and research projects.

Koc University started to participate in EU projects since FP6. Between 2004 and 2013, 453 R&D projects were funded at KU by external donors. By the end of 2013, KU has secured 34 Marie Curie grants under EC’s FP7-PEOPLE Programme, and now hosts 3 of the 6 active ERC Grants in Turkey. As of March 2014, under FP6, FP7 and IPA programs, KU researchers partnered with consortia in 25 different projects. KU is the fourth most active organization (third among universities) of the FP7 Programme in Turkey.

The administration support for research projects is given through purchasing department, Human Resources, Accounting and Research, Project Development and Technology Transfer Directorate. Koç University uses accrual base accounting since 1993 and SAP as ERP system since 2011. The data control and reporting is  facilitated by the SAP system is helping the project coordinator and the administration to follow up the project budget individually.


Education/Professional Career


Business Management,School of Business, Ithaca College, NY, USA
1990-1991:Associate, Xertrex International, Toronto, Canada
1991-1993:Executive Associate to the C.E.O,  Çukurova Holding, Istanbul, Turkey
1994-1995:Project Consultant, Koç-Unisys, Istanbul, Turkey
1998-1999:Assistant Director, Arch Foreign Trade plc, London, United Kingdom
2002-2003:Project Monitoring Manager, Türkiye Ekonomik ve Toplumsal Tarih Vakfı, Istanbul, Turkey
2003-2008:Project Consultant – Partner, Protein Proje Danışmanlık,  Istanbul, Turkey
since 2009:Grants Financial Manager, Koç University, Istanbul, Turkey