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Description of job and tasks involved

Tasks within the office I work in at the University of Rijeka Centre for EU projects comprise:

  • All phases of EU project management (preparation of project proposals, implementation of projects, reporting) with emphasis on financial aspects of applications/projects,
  • Advising University staff (researchers and administrative staff) within all phases of application and management of EU research and development projects,
  • Collection and distribution of information on calls, events and other relevant project management related issues to targeted researchers.

Experience in European research projects 

I have experience with project management issues in the following European Funding Schemes:  Tempus, Framework 7, Intelligent Energy Europe, Lifelong Learning Programme (Leonardo da Vinci, Grundtvig), Jean Monnet, Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance.

Recently, I have had experience in H2020 programme, preparation of CSA project application.  



The University of Rijeka has many years of experience in project management, with over 80 successfully implemented international projects over financed from various EU programmes, such as TEMPUS, Lifelong Learning Programme, Jean Monnet, PHARE, Cooperation in Innovation and Research with Central and Eastern Europe CIR-CE, Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme – Intelligent Energy Europe (CIP IEE), Framework programmes 5/6/7, NATO Science and Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA components: Human Resources Development, Regional Competitiveness and Cross Border Cooperation), South East Europe, IPA Adriatic and some others.

University of Rijeka Centre for EU projects presents central info point on EU programmes for university staff, especially researchers. CEUP assists researchers in drafting their project proposals, in finding appropriate funding schemes for their ideas and follow them in moving the project along the whole process: from the idea to the final report. CEUP also assists in matching UoR with foreign groups on EU projects.

In 2013, besides approved projects in LLP, Erasmus, Leonardo da Vinci and Jean Monnet, University began implementing four FP7 projects which will bring the important research results and collaboration with industry and European Centres of Excellence.

In April 2014 University of Rijeka started the first Structural and Investment funds project, “Research Infrastructure for Campus-based Laboratories at University of Rijeka“, the preparation of which was coordinated by CEUP, as Centre prepares and manages projects of strategic importance for whole University.

The majority of projects CEUP is involved in fits into funding schemes related to higher education and science but nonetheless, projects aiming at establishing tighter relations with external stakeholders, private sector and local community, are gaining a significant share in a total number of projects since the University sees SME development programmes as the most important economic development factor for Croatia.

Through active collaboration with the economic and business sector along with partnerships for community development the University endeavours to contribute toward the socio-cultural transition into a knowledge-based society.


Education/Professional Career


Study programme in Economics, International Business, University of Rijeka Faculty of Economics

Research administrator at the University of Rijeka

since 2006:

Expert for EU programmes at the University of Rijeka Centre for EU projects