Géraldine LEONARD

Member of WG2
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Expertise relevant to the Targeted Network

During 3 years, I managed 7 european projets included 2 in coordination: MALVECBLOK (FP7 Collaborative project) and ITP (Interreg IV Rhin Suppérieur) at CNRS in Strasbourg. My main tasks were to manage the administrative, the financial, and the communication part of these projects. I was in charge of the management and financial reports for the European Commission. During theses 3 years, I also helped to create the "Cellule Europe" of the CNRS in Strasbourg.

Since 2012, I am at the University of Orléans, where I have in charge of all european projects. My job is to manage the administrative and financial part of the european projects of my University. I'm working on 18 projects included collaborative projects, PEOPLE projects and also ERC grants. I take care of the eligibility of the expenses and thus of the financial report for the European Commission.  

I am also one of the members of “Cellule Mutualisée Europe-Recherche", which is a consortium between the CNRS, the University of Tours and the University of Orléans to help researchers to apply on European calls. For that, we inform researchers on forthcoming european calls, we make some presentation of the new Framework Programme in laboratories and organize also some training regarding specific calls for researchers. 



The University of Orleans is a multidisciplinary public french University. The research administration is carried out by the Research and Partnership service which is organized in 3 sections: Administrative of research and doctoral studies, Financial management, and Partnership. This service negotiates all research contracts and patents and financially manages them. The whole financial and administrative aspects included the accountancy part and financial reporting are made by this Research and Partnership service.


Education/Professional Career


Scientifical „baccalauréat“ (speciality biology)
2002-2004:Technical Diploma in Administration and Enterprise Management, with a special emphasis in Finance and Accountancy
2006:Bachelor’s degree in Social and Economical Administration
2007-2008:Master’s degree in legal, administrative, economy and management – European Dynamics, Management of European Projects
2003-2006:summer period Accounting officer at Les Crudettes in Châteauneuf-sur-loire
2008:Internship at IFREMER Brest - European Project Manager of SPICOSA (Integrated Project, FP6, 54 partners) during the first reporting period
2008:Internship at IOW Institut für Ostseeforschung Warnemünde in Germany
2009-2012:European Project Manager at CNRS in Strasbourg, Management of 7 european projects included 2 in coordination: MALVECBLOK (Collaborative project FP7) and ITP (Interreg IV Rhin Suppérieur)
since 2012:

European Project Manager at University of Orléans:

Administrative and financial management

Cellule Mutualisée „Europe-Recherche“

NCP Societal Challenge 6 „Europe in a changing world – Inclusive, innovative and reflective societies“ in Horizon 2020