Member of WG2
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Description of job and tasks involved

I work as a head of accounting and as a financial and documentation manager.

Head of Accounting: I oversee all financial operations and coordinate, analyze and report the financial performance to Director and Governing Council, prepare short and long-term financial plans and forecasts, coordinate activities with outside with outside audit firms, , checking and auditing payroll to make sure regulations are met. I am responsible for payrolls activities including salary, employees’ benefits and related activities.

Financial and documentation manager for Croatian, European and International projects: I prepare and plan financial budgets, coordinate financial budgets and Work plans. I do reallocations in budgets, quarterly reports, interim reports and final reports for all projects and prepare supporting documentations for project.

Experience in European research projects

I have the experience in European projects: IPA IV Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance – Human Resources Development – Component IV, TEMPUS PROGRAMME 2007-2013 (EACEA); Croatian projects: Croatian Science Foundation - Research Projects Programme, ESF; International projects: UNESCO Participation Programme 2012-2013, project ISSP.


Institute for Social Research in Zagreb (IDIZ) is the first sociological scientific research institution established in Croatia. It was founded by the University of Zagreb Council on the 21st of April 1964. Basic activity is scientific research in the field of sociology and related disciplines. Fields of research are social structure and stratification, youth, space, education, science and technology, culture, religion, gender. Institute is the publisher of the Journal Sociology and Space (former Rural Sociology), edition Science and Society and special editions. There are 42 employees at the Institute among which 33 are researchers. Legal department and Accounting and Finance department are very connected to researchers and cooperate with researchers in many fields, especially for European and International projects.


Education/Professional Career


Bachelor of Economics, University of Zagreb
2011-2013Master of Economics, University of Zagreb
2012-2013:Accounting and bookkeeping clerk, Institute for Social Research, Zagreb
since 2013Head of Accounting and Financial and Documentation Manager, Institute for Social Research, Zagreb