Member of WG2
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Description of job and tasks involved

Responsible for developing, implementing, coordinating and monitoring projects, key expert in training and facilitation. Responsible for planning and managing all appointed activities, such as mapping the research organizations in the country, organizing and mentoring the thematic workshop, dissemination activities, participating in different national and international events on IST research area in the WBC and in Europe.

Staffing, finances and reporting to Donors.. Co-ordination and management of numerous projects in co-operation with donors such as the European Commission, Bosnian Herzegovina Universities, Austrian development Agency, OPA, foundations etc. Internal evaluation and monitoring of SUS Projects. Entrusted with EU FP, HORIZON2020  & ERASMUS+ project, fundraising, public relations and finances as well as implementation of identified measures.


Experience with European research projects

Over 15 years of professional experience in the educational sector and project management. Expert for quality assurance in higher education, co-author of some regulation documents in the higher education sector such Criteria for Accreditation of Higher Education Institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina, participated in domestic and international accreditation panels, member of different working groups and boards.

Participate as coordinator or expert in 15 international projects; for 12 years has been involved over 35, almost all in educational sector. A track record in strategy development and implementation of projects and programs on local, regional and international levels is strong. Very familiar with EU and PCM (project preparation, budget, log-frame); prepared more than 30 project applications; implemented, manage and coordinated, monitored and evaluated projects.

Experience in management and especially in FP projects mainly connected with RTD and different Higher Education Programs in several FP6 and FP7 Projects, such as:

• The integration of the Western Balkan Countries (WBC) in the European research area (ERA West Balkan+) / FP6

• Coordination of Research Policies with the Western Balkan Countries (WBC-INCO NET) /FP7

• Extending information society networks to the western Balkan regions  (IS2WEB) / FP6

• Strengthening the Strategic Co-operation between the EU and Western Balkan Region in the field of ICT Research (SCORE) / FP6

• National Contact Point for EU framework programmes in BiH (NCP FP BIH)

• Academic Information Network of Southeast Europe (AINSEE)

• Support to establishment and functioning of the Agency for Development of Higher Education and Quality Assurance, Austrian Development Agency

• EU TEMPUS project “Strengthening Quality Assurance in B&H,” aimed at the creation of the quality assurance centre’s at the universities in B&H and the training of the future quality assurance experts. 

• EU TEMPUS project „Monitoring Bologna Process at the University of Sarajevo“

• EU TEMPUS project Establishment of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Centre at the University of Zenica (EEICUZ)

• EU TEMPUS project  “EU standards for accreditation of study programs on BH universities” (ESABIH)

• EU TEMPUS project  Center of Curricula Modernization and Lifelong Learning (CCMLL)-Autor

• EU TEMPUS project  Equal Opportunities for Students With Special Needs in Higher Education (EQOPP), Project co-autor, Steering Group Member | SUSBiH Project Manager

• EU TEMPUS BHQFHE project (Project co-autor)  “Bosnia and Herzegovina Qualifications Framework for Higher Education”, Steering Group Member | SUSBiH Project Manager

• ERASMUS+ ; European Rookie CUP (EUROCUP/Austrian Ice hockey liga EBEL), /Match-Fixing / Doping / Discrimination & Intolerance/ ; Steering Group Member | Project Manager

• EU TEMPUS QFP project (Project co-autor)  “Qualifications Framework as Platform for the development  of learning outcomes based curriculum”, Steering Group Member | SUSBiH Project Manager



The programmes of SUSBiH, as only one BiH NGO  with aim to provide assistance to B&H HE institutions, university staff, students, academics, researchers and institutes. SUSBiH provides operative and technical support, consultancy and service for a faster, more efficient implementation of the Bologna process and innovative trends in the HE sector. SUSBiH has positioned itself as one of the integrative and operative partners for enhancing knowledge transfer and comparability in HE between EU and WBC. 

The main SUSBiH goals are to support the development of the higher education, research and civil society sector in B&H to increasing the quality of HE in B&H in accordance with EU and international standards in order to establish solid and sustainable structures for a strong role of universities in society in a sustainable manner in order to reduce the number of young people and academic staff leaving the country and place the emphasis on prospects in B&H. SUSBiH works to enlarge and strengthen the established local and regional academic, youth, research and information networks. SUSBiH strives to enable access to information, advice, training, partnerships, exchange programs and research opportunities.

SUSBiH implemented more than 70 different projects in cooperation with over 100 partners, in last 18y. SUSBiH has given support to the QA in HE in B&H through implementation of number of projects during past years, from establishment of QA offices at the universities and UNI staff education and training to constant support of the HE in segment of structural development of QA and QF of HE in B&H and by that bringing it closer to the EAHE. SUSBiH has also become a key player in advocating policies for equitable access to HE for under-represented groups. SUSBiH has a vast experience in the coordination, management, preparation, implementation, monitoring and internal evaluation of projects in HE; In-depth knowledge of global trends and developments in HE; Comprehensive know-how in dealing with change processes at HE institutions in transition countries; Well-founded knowledge about the political, economic, social and educational situation in B&H;  Long record of strategic development, capacity and institution building; Wide-ranging experience of working in an international and intercultural context and the ability to use all this experience and expertise for the successful implementation of measures for our target group.


Education/Professional Career

2007- present:

Director, World University Service, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Sarajevo