Member of WG2
+381 63 641866

Description of job and tasks involved

• EU project management 

  - Organizing meetings and events, correspondence with project partners

  - Timesheets/Staff Costs (calculation of hourly rate, etc)

  - IMRs (Individual Mobility Report) and other travel arrangements

  - Midterm reports, final reports (financial and narrative)

  - Tendering procedure for equipment

• Pre-award phase on EU projects (finding and identifying EU projects that would be interesting for UB, drafting the budget, helping draft project activities and goals)

• Other responsibilities:

  - Administrative support for the Conference of Universities of Serbia on EU projects

  - Provide translation services for any documents, research or administration

  - Interpret at conferences, meetings (EU and other international projects)

  - Liaise with English, French and Arabic speaking students, visiting professors and administrative staff


Experience with European research projects

• FP7

• Horizon 2020

• Erasmus

• Tempus


• IPA Adriatic 



The University of Belgrade is a state-owned university. Its activities – higher education and scientific research – are in public interest and are strictly defined by law. The main source of finance is the budget of the Republic of Serbia, although the University and its faculties may also gain additional income by working within their core activities.

Faculties of the University are separate legal persons, i.e. they have their own management bodies, whose responsibilities are regulated by the Law on Universities, as well as business and financial independence from the University. University of Belgrade has 31 faculties and 11 research institutes. Some activities are centralised (on the level of University) such as the Erasmus+ programme, while the majority or research projects (such as Horizon 2020) are implemented and managed on the level of faculties/institutes.


Professional Career

2010- present:

Centre for Quality AssuranceRectorate – International Relations Office, University of Belgrade  

2008-present:Translator/interpeter, english-serbian, serbian-english, various clients




Master in European Studies, University of Belgrade, Faculty of Political Sciences

2010-2011:Professional Interpreter Accreditation, The Multilingua Training Centre on Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpretation
2004-2008:Bachelor of Arabic and English Language, University of Belgrade, Faculty of Philology