Stéphanie ROSSARD

Member of WG2
+33 3 44 23 73 16

Description of job and tasks involved

I began my career in European Projects Support at UPMC as European Affairs Officer in 2007. I was Deputy Head of the European Office (2011-2014) there.

Since 2014,at UTC, as Responsible of the European Affairs, I support researchers (senior, Postdocs, PhD Students…) to get fundings for the research activities they planned (writing, negotiation and follow-up). As Legal Authorised Representative (LEAR) of UTC for the european commission, I am the contact person for all the administrative, legal and financial aspects of the european H2020 research projects.

To solve problems, I manage the administrative, financial (eligible costs, timesheets, Financial Statements…) and legal matters (negotiation of the Consortium Agreement, NDA, MTA…) of European projects and anticipate some questions by giving training sessions for the financial department and laboratories, by writing procedures and key-notes for the Research Division and Financial Department and by giving information about specificities of H2020 (full-capacity, OA, Art.32 of AGA…). I have to make the diffusion of information (articles, mailing-lists, newsletter, participation/ presentation  to meetings in labs, InfoDays…). Moreover, I am an advisor for the Research Strategy at the european and international level for the Direction of UTC and the scientific council of UTC. I manage some working groups at UTC: HRS4R, OA…

I am member of the European Office of the Cluster of Universities and Institutions COMUE Sorbonne Universités (training sessions, Infodays, benchmarking….) and strongly involved in position groups in France (Ministry, Association at a regional level…) and member of EARMA.

I am supervisor of Master Students and PhD students (internship, complementary skills….) and lecturer at UPJV (Université Picardie Jules Verne) for Master “Management of European Projects” students about “European Policy in Research and Innovation”. I give some training sessions for PhD students involved in FP7 and H2020 projects (ITN MSCA) about “how to get research fundings?” as soft skills.

I am Expert for the Ministry of Research for evaluation and hearing of competitive exams organized by the French Ministry of Research.    


Experience in European research projects

FP5, FP6 and FP7 projects.

Experience in the PPP and JTI: Cleansky (coordination of a project for UTC), IMI , FCH

Experience in EUREKA (ITEA, Celtic plus, MEDEA +…), Specific Eurostars

Experience in INTERREG (France-Channel-England, SUDOE, ALCOTRA, France-Wallonie-Vlaanderen) and Structural Funds



UTC is both a French national university and an engineering school, with autonomous training and pedagogy and an innovation-intensive, interdisciplinary technological research program. The aim is to bring the university’s research policy closer to real-life socio-economic problems. There are 9 Research Units with relevant sectors of research (experimental Sciences (mechanics, biochemistry, biology, computing…), Social Sciences and Humanities (TIC, management, Economy, Sociology…) and formal Sciences (Mathematics)). UTC produces graduates (engineers, Master’s degree, PhDs).

UTC has experience in European projects since FP6 as Partner and as Coordinator.

UTC is strongly involved in the process for the HRS4R to be awarded by the EC.

The research administration is carried out by the Research Division which is divided into 4 units: Doctoral School Unit, Academic Unit, Scientific Services Unit and Project Management and Technology Transfer Unit. This last one, created in September 2014, is to support researchers from ideas of research to the technology transfer of the results issued and to support the Research Strategy. It negotiates all research contracts (national, European and international research contracts) and patents and financially manages them. The whole financial and administrative aspects included the financial reporting (for European projects) are made by this Unit.


Education/Professional Career


PhD in Plant Biology, University of Poitiers, France    


Lecturer in Cellular Biology and Genetics, University of Poitiers, France    


Postdoctoral Researcher in Biology, Université Picardie Jules Verne, France    


Affairs Officer for SME support (technology transfer and Grants support) in a consulting group, Merignac, France    


European Affairs Officer, Université Pierre et Marie Curie- Paris 6 (UPMC), France


Deputy Head of European Office, UPMC, France    

since 2014:

Responsible for European Affairs, Université de Technologie de Compiègne (UTC), France