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Description of job and tasks involved

My job as business controller concerns all the administrative, financial and procedural aspects of the departments that I am working for. Because a big part of the total money stream comes from subsidiary my focus is on project management. Mostly I am busy in the post-award phase with tasks such as progress reporting, discussing accounting principles with auditors, calculations on personnel and research facilities, VAT issues and indirect cost/overhead. More and more I’m trying to understand what goes on in the pre-award phase so we can use that in the post-award phase. In close collaboration with our Valorisation Centre we try to come up with best practices for our organisation.

As a member of the Dutch EUPMAN (European Project Managers) it is fascinating to work together and to learn from each other in managing projects. Furthermore we share information on new developments.

Experience in European research projects

Collaborative projects


Marie Curie


Delft University of Technology consists of 9 faculties. Each faculty has their own research administration in which employees from de science department, project administration,  legal advisor and business controller work together to support all the PI’s. They can make use of a Valorisation Centre and other employees at a more group level in the organization.


Education/Professional Career


Studies of Accountancy, University Nyenrode

1992-1998:Auditor at Price Waterhouse Coopers 
1999-2000:Study Accountmanager-Controller, Graduate School Brabant
1999-2002:Teamleader grant administration and Manager Finance at the Greenery
2003-2010:Internal auditor, Manager Finance and Financial Controller at Delft University of Technology
2010-2011:Projectmanagement, internal curriculum
since 2011:Business controller at Delft University of Technology