Member of MC, Member of WG2
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Description of job and tasks involved

I'm deputy director for business affairs and I’m responsible for planning, organizing and managing all general business matters for our research centre. I prepare financial plans for the institution and projects and perform other functions under the authority of the Director, in particular in the area of business and financial management. I’m involved in preparing the basis for the successful financial implementation of all types of projects, both national and European, which requires  experience in different programs, program documents and project implementation rules as well knowledge and understanding of national and European policies and regulation.


Experience in European research projects

Creative Europe, Culture Program 2007-2013, Europe for Citizens, European Social Found VP/2014/007, European Territorial Cooperation, Italia-Slovenia Cross-border Cooperation Program 2007-13, European Territorial Cooperation, Alpine Space Program 2007–2013, IPA-Croatia-Slovenia Cross-border Cooperation Programme 2007–2013, FP7-SCIENCE-IN-SOCIETY-2013, H2020-INFRAIA-2014, HERA Joint Research Program, Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Program, Ersamus+, Interreg (Central Europe, Mediteran, Vb  Danube Transnational program 2014-2020), ERA-NET Cofound Smart Urban Futures, DG Employment, Social Affafirs and Inclusion, Ea-SI-Progress: Posting of workers, H2020-MSCA-RISE-2016.



The Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts (ZRC SAZU) is the leading Slovenian research centre in the humanities and a cutting-edge academic institution in central, eastern, and south-eastern Europe. ZRC SAZU’s mission is to study basic humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and multidisciplinary topics that cover natural, social, and cultural elements and processes, giving priority to those related to Slovenian natural and cultural heritage. This mission is carried out within the framework of national research programmes and projects, excellence centres, and international projects (e.g., the Seventh Framework Programme, Horizon 2020, COST etc.). This basic knowledge (the numerous and diverse areas are defined under individual institutes) is transferred to applied research in the following areas:

  • Natural and cultural heritage conservation, protection, and management;
  • Use of Slovenian (various dictionaries, and most importantly, the Fran online dictionary portal);
  • Biographies (The New Encyclopaedia of Slovenian Biography);
  • Database digitization;
  • Critical editions of sources;
  • Geographic information systems;
  • Remote sensing;
  • Compilation of extensive registers (e.g., the ARKAS archaeological register and the register of karst caves);
  • National and international strategies (e.g., migration policy strategy, heritage management strategy, and integration of EU standards);
  • Expert consultancy (on environmental protection, infrastructure construction, water resource management, language use, etc.).

Over 300 researchers and technical associates are combined into 18 highly trained and well-organized research institutes that work both independently and together in a coordinated manner:

  • Anton Melik Geographical Institute
  • Fran Ramovš Institute of the Slovenian Language
  • France Stele Institute of Art History
  • Institute for Cultural History
  • Institute of Anthropological and Spatial Studies
  • Institute of Archaeology
  • Institute of Culture and Memory Studies
  • Institute of Ethnomusicology
  • Institute of Musicology
  • Institute of Philosophy
  • Institute of Slovenian Ethnology
  • Institute of Slovenian Literature and Literary Studies
  • Ivan Rakovec Institute of Paleontology
  • Jovan Hadži Institute of Biology
  • Karst Research Institute
  • Milko Kos Historical Institute
  • Slovenian Migration Institute
  • Sociomedical Institute

ZRC SAZU has its own publishing house, bookstore, audio-visual laboratory, geographical museum, and boasts numerous collections. Among its rich publishing activity, five research journals listed in the Thomson Reuters indices and five on the Open Journal System platform are especially noteworthy. Its main promotional, exhibition, congress, and social venue is the Atrium, where several creative and cultural events – in order to acquaint general public with research work and results – take place.


Education/Professional Career


Studies of English language and geography, University of Ljubljana
1996-2003:Studies of business management, University of Ljubljana
2008-2009:Studies of financial management, University of Primorska
1983:Financal bookkeeper at Cankarjeva založba, Ljubljana
1984-2003:Deputy Head of the Accounting at Cankarjeva založba, Ljubljana
2003-2004:Head of the Accounting at Lek kozmetika d.o.o., Ljubljana
2006-2009:Head of the Accounting at Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy for Sciences and Arts
2009-2015:Assistant Director for finance at Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy for Sciences and Arts
since 2015:Deputy Director at Research Centre of SASA Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy for Sciences and Arts