Ludivine BONADEI

Member of MC, Member of WG3
+33 5 61 55 72 61

Expertise relevant to the Targeted Network

Contracts manager at Université Paul Sabatier Toulouse III since 2009, I am in charge of administrative and legal aspects of FP7 projects and other international projects in which the university is participating through its laboratories. 

With a wealth of experience in negotiating grant agreements and consortium agreements of more than fifty FP7 projects currently being performed in various scientific domains, I have a good overview of intellectual property aspects in particular and of contracts clauses in general.

Liaising with researchers, the European Commission and partners of different walks of life, I achieved an insight of the expectations of each of them. 

In this context, I reckon I can bring my experience to the network with the view of sharing best practices, aiming at improving our daily work, to the benefit of our researchers and our respective entity.



Université Toulouse III – Paul Sabatier counts 32 000 registered students, 2,609 teachers and teacher-researchers, 1,980 library, administrative and technical staff, 407,200 m2 of premises, with 127,600 m2 dedicated to research  in 65 research laboratories.

Within the Management of research laboratory support, the Department of economic partnerships and development is the structure dedicated to negotiating contracts.  Fourteen persons, divided in two offices dealing with financial and legal aspects, are in charge of the management of about 300/400 annual research contracts involving the university.


Education/Professional Career


Master’s degree in Business Law – Toulouse
2003:Master’s degree in International and European Law – Toulouse
2004:Master’s degree in NICT Law – Toulouse
2011:Master’s degree in Strategic Management, Innovation Management speciality (magna cum laude)
2005-2006:Camaïeu International, female ready-to-wear store - Toulouse, Deputy Director
2007:Cabinet Weinstein, Patent attorney -  Paris
2007:Allen & Overy, International law firm - Paris
2008:Legal trainer – Toulouse – Freelance
2008-2009:Natixis Global Associates, Asset management company – Paris, France
since 2009:Université Toulouse III - Paul Sabatier - Toulouse, France, European research projects manager / In-house IP lawyer