Member of MC, Member of WG1
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Description of job and tasks involved

  • Administrative Support: I support researcher in the University in all aspects regarding “beyond the border” activities. This starts at the initial questions like what are the funding possibilities, develop a project idea or find the right partners. From the pre-proposal stage until the 2nd level audit I’m the right person to address within my University. Main activities include the administrative parts of proposals and the creation of the financial reporting.
  • Project management: I support one project coordinator at a time in the administration and processing of an FP project in order to practise the guidelines and know all the processes etc. to better support the researcher.
  • Research: My research focuses on Social Sciences and developmental activities, with a very limited amount of time though.
  • Other: Other activities include networking and participating events in the field of RDI


Experience in European research projects

Framework program 7, HORIZON 2020: M(S)CA, FET open, FET proactive, NMBP/NMP, AAT, ICT, FoF, MG, PHC, GV, GALILEO/GSA, EMPIR, ECSEL, HCO, SWAFS, GARRI, SC1-PM, etc.

EACEA: Europe for Citizens

Erasmus+: Strategic Partnerships, Knowledge Alliances

National funds for international activities: OeAD (appear), FFG (ERA-Nets), FWF (joint projects, ERA-Nets)





The FH OÖ Forschungs & Entwicklungs GmbH / University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria (FHO) was established in 1994. FHO has campuses in the four main cities in Upper Austria, Linz, Wels, Steyr and Hagenberg. Each campus is dedicated to a specific topic: Applied Health & Social Sciences (Linz), Engineering & Environmental Sciences (Wels), Management (Steyr), Informatics, Communication & Media (Hagenberg) with a total number of around 55 academic study programs.

Since 2003, we have been researching and developing in an application-oriented and innovative manner in 16 specialist areas, our main areas of research. The University has reinforced its research and development activities in recent years by establishing a Research & Development Centre at each Campus. The main focus is on research that will lead to sophisticated and practical applications for the benefit of commerce and society. FHO comprises about 200 researcher and 230 research associates (state: 2014).

In 2014 FHO processed over 342 R&D projects with a total turnover of over € 14 Mio. For the management of these R&D projects FHO established a “FH OÖ F&E GmbH” in 2003 as an own legal entity only for R&D activities. Since then all national, European and international R&D projects are handled through a central coordination to easier manage financial and organizational aspects of R&D projects. Furthermore each R&D Centre at the four campuses has an own Research Center head who supports researchers on site. FHO participated in 12 FP7 projects as beneficiary and in one as linked third party. In five of these 13 FP7 projects, FHO had the function of the coordinator. Regarding the running framework programme HORIZON 2020, FHO participates in one H2020 project and in one project under the EMPIR-programme, also financed by H2020. FHO leads one project within the EACEA – Europe for Citizens funding programme. Furthermore, FHO participated in more than 40 European projects funded through EFRE-INTERREG, EFRE-Regio13, SEE, CEE and other European-funded activities such as JTI, ERA-Net, ERA-Net+, JPI and EUREKA. Additionally, FHO also participates in an international developmental project funded by the ADA within the “appear” programme.

Last year, five specialist platforms were established within FHO to meet the requirements of 21st century’s most important topics in an interdisciplinary approach. These are the platforms for “Health”, “Energy”, “Food and Nutrition”, “Mobility and Logistics” as well as the platform of the “Institute for Intelligent Production”.


Education/Professional Career


Studies of business management, University: UAS Upper Austria, Campus Steyr


Studies of social management (combination of social sciences and NPO-management), UAS Upper Austria Campus Linz  


Project manager of European projects at SPES GmbH (private education provider in rural area)

since 2012:

Research administrator and project manager at FH OÖ – UAS Upper Austria, R&D