Marijana KROTEVA

STSM Manager (2018-2019), Member of MC, Member of WG1

Description of job and tasks involved

As a Coordinator for inter-university cooperation and a LEAR person, I am in charge with the preparation of project documentation as well as the administration of the awarded projects.

The general tasks of the Centre for Inter-university cooperation are:

  • establishing cooperation with other educational and research institutions;
  • preparation, verification and realization of project agreements and agreements for cooperation;
  • preparation of applications and documentation for institutional and international projects;
  • preparation and realization of exchange programs.

Experience in European research projects


Erasmus +



Goce Delcev University in Stip is a state University, ranked in the second place in the rankings of state universities in the country. As new and energetic institution of higher education, which constantly follows the interests of the young population, as well as the newest economic, industrial and technological trends, we create exquisite opportunities for higher education. The diplomas of Goce Delcev University in Stip are internationally recognized and certified in accordance with national and international standards. Goce Delcev University in Stip integrates twelve faculties and three academies organized in three university campuses. The lectures are conducted in education centers that are dispersed in twelve Macedonian cities. Currently there are 19.000 students on the three cycle of studies.

The mission of the university is to create and transfer knowledge for providing social and economic wellbeing and progress of the society, preparing students for professions in which the application of scientific discoveries and professional knowledge, cultural and language diversity, promotion of technological development, development of arts, technical culture and sport is required. The leading paradigms are: student in the center of attention, individual approach towards the student, greater level of interactive lectures.

The research administration is carried primarily through the Center for inter-university cooperation in cooperation with the other active centers at the university. The Center for inter-university cooperation is the main coordinator of the cooperation, mobility and project activities and works closely with the other administrative units at the university like the accounting sector. This center is in charge with the preparation of project documentation as well as the administration of the awarded projects.


Education/Professional Career


English language and literature, University Ss Cyril and Methodius, Skopje, R Macedonia (Bachelor studies)
2009-2010:Didactics, Goce Delcev University,Stip, R Macedonia (Master studies- Master thesis “Didactical Aspects Of The Problem Based Teaching”)
2010:Critical thinking for English Language Curriculum – University of Oregon, USA
since 2011:English linguistics- Western University, Canada (PhD studies)
2004-2007:Teacher of English language, Primary School Goce Delcev, Stip, R Macedonia
since 2008:Coordinator for International Cooperation, Goce Delcev University, Stip, R Macedonia