Djordje MARKEZ

Member of MC, Member of WG3
+387 654 836 68

Expertise relevant to the Targeted Network

  • Participation in different international and national projects in area of Higher education, RTD sector and project management
  • 3 World Bank Projects concerning Strategic Planning and the Institutional Development.
  • 9 EU TEMPUS projects focusing on e-learning, technology transfer, project management and strategic management in HE, quality assurance and introducing the ECTS, doctoral studies, structural reform in HE, etc. 
  • 4 FP6 and FP7 project, working as a project manager and financial officer.
  • Project manager in national project “Development of capacities of scientific and research higher education institutions in Republika Srpska for participation in international programmes (Centre for project management)", financed by Government of Republika Srpska, 2008-2009.



The University of Banja Luka has been established on 7th November 1975. Today the University of Banja Luka has 16 faculties with 56 licensed study programs. We have around 600 professors, 400 assistants and 450 administrative staff members currently employed at the University. At present there are around 17.000 students at the University. The number of students that obtained their degree is as follows: more than 19.000 graduates, 700 specialists, 650 M.A. degree holders and 300 PhD holders. As of 1 January 2008 the University of Banja Luka is integrated, with  15 faculties as its organizational units and one research institute (Institute for genetic resources). 

Research administration is focused within faculties and organisational units, due to fact that most research institutes, centres and others are operating under faculty jurisdiction.   


Education/Professional Career


University of Novi Sad, Serbia, BA in Law
1999-2003:University of Novi Sad, Serbia, Postgraduate studies, Master of Science Degree (MSc)
2001-2007:Dec 2001 – Jan 2007     University of Banja Luka, Senior Assistant for Educational Process, Law Office
2007:Ministry of Health and Social Welfare of Republika Srpska,  Chief of Department for EU integration process
2007-2011:Ministry for Science and Technology of Republika Srpska, Office for the international S&T cooperation -  Senior assistant for International S&T cooperation; BiH’s NCP for Legal and financial Issues, Security, SME, JRC
since 2011:University of Banja Luka, Secretary General