Training School Vice-Manager (2018-2019), Member of MC, Member of WG1

Expertise relevant to the Targeted Network

I am a Research Funder Officer at NOVA School of Social Sciences and Humanities (NOVA FCSH), particularly working in pre-award team “Researcher´s desk”. I support researchers in finding new funding for Research and Development, namely with:

  • Dissemination of national and international funding programs, with up-to-date information on opportunities for participation;
  • Counseling at the exploratory stage of the application, identifying suitable funding opportunities and partners;
  • Supporting application’s proposals, with administrative validation, budgeting, grant writing and revision / validation if application fits with the funding program scope 

I was the grant manager of a research project funded by INTERREG Sudoe Programme (post-award) – Interbio.

Working in pre-award tasks in a Social Sciences and Humanities faculty, I support the preparation of applications to the following funding agencies/ programmes:

H2020 Programme (namely Marie Curie Actions, ERC, Societal Challenge 6, COST Action), INTERREG Programme (namely EUROPE, MED and SUDOE), Cross-border cooperation (namely ENI CBC MED), ERASMUS + (namely Strategic partnerships and Knowledge Alliances), Europe for Citizens, Projects from other EU DG, namely to DG Justice, DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion DG, EEAGrants and other national funding agencies (as national funding agency FCT – Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia or other public and private institutions (e.g. Santander Totta, Gulbenkian Foundation, etc.).




Universidade NOVA de Lisboa (NOVA) is one of the two public Universities located at Lisbon and it is the best ranked Portuguese university in QS Ranking 50 under 50 (41th). The university includes, besides the Rectorat, 1 School of Public Health, 3 Institutes and 5 Faculties, including NOVA School of Social Sciences and Humanities (NOVA FCSH) that will host this project.

NOVA FCSH is the largest Portuguese Higher Education and Research institution in the fields of Social Sciences and Humanities, covering such areas as Communication and Language Sciences, Artistic and Literary Studies, Philosophy, History and Archaeology, Anthropology, Demography, Geography and Sociology, Political Studies and International Relations, and intersections between these disciplines. NOVA FCSH pursues teaching and research excellence, both at the national and international levels, a clear commitment to innovation and interdisciplinarity, the creation, development and dissemination of a humanistic spirit, and the provision of services to the community in its areas of expertise.

NOVA FCSH develops cutting-edge research in different scientific areas in its 16 R&D Units, 14 of them are financed by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT – Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia), 4 ranked as "Excellent" and 8 as “Very Good”. Our research teams are composed of several senior and junior researchers, some of latter carrying out their own PhD investigations within the framework of the institution's larger projects. The ever-growing academic community at the NOVA FCSH counts over 1.000 national and international researchers integrated and/or associated to a Research Unit, as well as many other co-researchers, students and research grant holders. The academic background, experience and high-level of expertise of the researchers, as well as the teamwork dynamics and the work environment and facilities, allow the NOVA FCSH to invest in creative and innovative projects.

2017 overview

•       80 on-going research projects:

•       + 60 national projects

•       19 International projects - including 2 ERC Starting Grants

•       60 on-going business and consultancy contracts

•       8.5 M€/ year, 65% from competitive funding


Research Administration

NOVA FCSH Research administration is provided by the Research Support Office, which is divided into 2 main team: Pre-award (funding opportunities and proposal preparation) and Post-award (Project´s management). Other tasks are developed at the Office, such as: Collection and analysis of research performance indicators and business and consultancy contracts.

Research Support Office works in close connection with the Communication Department (Communication of research results and relevant events), HR (researchers’ contracts and fellowships), Financial and Procurement (Project management), Library and Documentation (Publications and other impacts).

As a Faculty of a University Foundation, we also work according to some common practices requested by the central NOVA Research Support Office.


Education/Professional Career


Graduation in Science Teaching from NOVA FCT. Distinguished as the best graduate student of that school year.


Postgraduate course in Communication of Science, Technology and Innovation from Lisbon School of Economics and Management.


Master’s Degree in Science Teaching from Faculty of Sciences and Technology of Universidade NOVA de Lisboa (NOVA FCT) with classification 16/20. Dissertation entitled ‘Science in the Media - The Fukushima disaster in the newspapers Correio da Manhã and Público’.

2007-2011:Science Manager and Communicator at Ciência Viva
National Funding Agency for Scientific and Technological Culture.
Main tasks: National and International project´s management and evaluation, co-responsible for managing national events “S&T Week”, “Science in the Summer” and Science Internships Programme.
2011-2012:INTERBIO Grant Holder at ITQB NOVA
INTERREG funded project involving research institutes from five EU regions: Toulouse, Bordeaux, Barcelona, Valencia. Main tasks: Organization of international meetings, training schools and workshops, financial reporting and management.
2012-2013:Science Manager and Communicator at CESNOVA Sociology Research Unit at NOVA FCSH. Main tasks: Science communication, supporting researchers on grant´s application stage and evaluate researcher’s performance indicators. 
2013-2016:Science Manager at NOVA FCSH Planning Department
Main tasks: First study on research performance indicators to identify NOVA FCSH main research areas; funding opportunities dissemination, grant writing and critical revision, preparing institutional applications for structural funding.
since 2016:Research Funder Officer at NOVA School of Social Sciences and Humanities (NOVA FCSH)
Main tasks: Dissemination of funding opportunities; supporting grant’s proposals, with administrative validation, budgeting, grant writing and revision / validation if application fits with the funding program scope.