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Expertise relevant to the Targeted Network

2004-2012:Research Authority Director The Open University: Legal Entity Appointed Representative (LEAR); liaison with Israeli and overseas foundations funding research; Financial and administrative management of all research budgets; Responsible for purchasing of research requirements, employing personnel, follow-up, and submitting financial reports; Managing international research projects (US and EU funded [FP's]); Managing patents and knowledge management in cross-organization; Processes and technology assimilation
2008-2013:"OPMOP Ltd" Technology Transfer Company, CEO: Identify and Manage the transfer of new technologies; Protection for inventions made at OUI; Commercial potential of technologies developed at OUI; To enhance the research activity and collaboration between the University & industry; Supports researchers in protecting their IP rights'
2012:Head of the Academic Development Unit. The Open University
2010-2013:EARMA - European Association of Research Managers & Administrators, Brussels. Belgium. Board Director and LINK Editorial board Chair
2011:Institutional Human Resources Strategy Group (Charter& Code) The European Commission. 3rd Cohort Member
2013:EARMA European Association of Research Managers & Administrators, Brussels.Ambassador
2013:ERC Proof of Concept Expert/Evaluator, The European Research Council. Brussels
2013:COST European Cooperation in Science and Technology, Expert/Evaluator. Brussels
2014: International Public Advisory Board, The Board Directors forum. Israel. Member


Research at the Open University of Israel


By definition, universities are instrumental in creating knowledge in every sphere of learning, which they then place at the disposal of society and for its benefit. Thus, research activity is at the heart of the academic endeavor at the Open University of Israel and plays a pivotal role in maintaining high levels of course development and teaching. Faculty members' continual involvement in their fields of research ensures that the courses and study programs they develop - whether for undergraduate or higher degrees - provide an accurate and updated view of the area of study. The university strives to recruit and support faculty members with the strongest possible research capacities. 

Faculty members at the Open University deal in a broad range of research areas representing various fields of knowledge in the social sciences, humanities, natural sciences, engineering and the exact sciences. They work independently or in cooperation with faculty members from other universities in Israel and abroad, and exercise complete freedom in their professional decisions. Many of them have won international recognition and are considered leaders in their research area. Open University researchers apply for and win research grants from competitive local and international funds. Their research outputs are disseminated to the scientific community through conference presentations, scientific publications and, where applicable, patents, with the aim of transmitting scientific knowledge that benefits the academic community and enhances Israel's development. 

The Research Authority encourages research among faculty members by helping them find external sources of funding and submitting applications to these funds. In addition, the Authority encourages research by providing direct support through grants and scholarships for research purposes. The Research Authority accumulates and disseminates information on sources of funding, and is responsible for financial and administrative monitoring of research proposals submitted via the Authority which received funding. 



Education/Professional Career


B.A., Special Education (magna cum laude), School of Education, Tel-Aviv University
1987:M.A., School of Education, Tel-Aviv University, Computers and Technologies in Education
2002:School of Education, Tel-Aviv University
2007:Ph.D., Information Sciences Department, Bar-Ilan University
2008:Post-doc, The Samuel Neaman Institute for Advanced Studies in Science and Technology, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology
2008-2010:Post-doc, Center for Research in Higher Education, Ben-Gurion Univ.