Member of MC, Member of WG1
+32 16 37 95 01

Description of job and tasks involved

  • Informing researchers on EU funding opportunities
  • Assisting researchers in applying for EU-funding (explaining the funding scheme, proofreading of proposals, …)
  • Tailored information sessions and workshops
  • Liaison between researchers and financial and legal department
  • Post-award management of EU funded projects (outside H2020)

Experience in European research projects

As a researcher:
-    Joint Research Centre

As a research administrator:
H2020 (collaborative research, MSCA-IF, MSCA-ITN), DGs (Justice, Connect, EAC, …), foundations, Interreg, …



KU Leuven boasts a rich tradition of education and research that dates back six centuries. The university’s basic research orientation has always been and will remain fundamental research. At the same time, the university remains vigilantly open to contemporary cultural, economic and industrial realities, as well as to the community’s needs and expectations. From a basis of social responsibility and scientific expertise, KU Leuven provides high-quality, comprehensive health care, including specialised tertiary care, in its University Hospitals. In doing so it strives toward optimum accessibility and respect for all patients.

KU Leuven is currently by far the largest university in Belgium in terms of research funding and expenditure (EUR 466.55 million in 2016), and is a charter member of LERU. KU Leuven conducts fundamental and applied research in all academic disciplines with a clear international orientation. In the Times Higher Education ranking KU Leuven is ranked as the 14th European university, while in the Reuters Top 100 of the World’s most innovative institutions, KU Leuven is listed as the first European university.

Leuven participates in over 540 highly competitive European research projects (FP7, 2007-2013), ranking sixth in the league of HES institutions participating in FP7. In Horizon 2020, KU Leuven currently has been approved more than 260 projects and is ranked sixth HES institution with regard to number of signed grants. KU Leuven takes up the 10th place of European HES institutions hosting ERC grants (as first legal signatories of the grant agreement). To date, the 107 ERC Grantees (including affiliates with VIB and IMEC) in our midst confirm that KU Leuven is a breeding ground (55 Starting Grants) and attractive destination for the world’s best researchers. The success in the FP7 and Horizon 2020 Marie Sklodowska Curie Actions is a manifestation of the three pillars of KU Leuven: research, education and service to society. In our 229 Actions, of which 111 Initial/European Training Networks, hundreds of young researchers have been trained through research and have acquired the necessary skills to transfer their knowledge into the world outside academia. KU Leuven has been or is currently participating in 29 ITNs as coordinator, and 82 as beneficiary under FP7 and Horizon 2020.” In Horizon 2020, KU Leuven is ranked first institution of higher education with regard to number of MSCA-ITNs ‘(54) and second for all entities.

Research Coordination Office
The Research Coordination Office – in collabration with Leuven Research & Development (TTO) - provides support to KU Leuven researchers. Our mission is to inform, stimulate, and assist researchers in applying for and manageing research funding.


Education/Professional Career


Bachelor / Master in communication sciences (KU Leuven)
2007-2013:PhD student – teaching assistant
2013-2014:Senior researcher & lecturer (KU Leuven)
2015-2016:Assistant professor (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
since 2016:Research administrator (KU Leuven)