Member of MC, Member of WG1
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Description of job and tasks involved

My primary responsibility as an assoc.professor is to perform research, to organize studies and learning processes, to provide lectures / consultancy / coaching for industry managers and public administrators; to share new developments in quality management area with scientists and practioneers.

Experience in European research projects




Vilnius University is the oldest and the largest institution of scientific research and higher education studies in Lithuania with over 430 years of academic traditions. The university offers an academic environment focused on excellence in research and learning/teaching, nexus between studies and research, and promising career development. Main research areas at Vilnius University are as follows: Humanities; Lithuanian Studies; Structure and Development of Society; Biological and Sociopsychological Cognition and Evolution of Humans; Healthy of Humans, Prevention, Diagnostics and Treatment of Diseases; Genomics, Biomedicine and Biotechnologies; Changes in Ecosystems, Protection, Natural Resources; New Functional Materials and Derivatives; Theoretical and Condensed Matter Physics; Laser Physics and Light Technologies; Fundamental and Applied Mathematics; Informatics and Information Technologies. There is a wide spectrum of research teams, mostly working in interdisciplinary academic areas. The scholars are increasingly engaged in various projects of national and international scientific programmes as follows:  FP7, COST, EUREKA, CERN, EU Public Health, National global grant programme, Proof of Concept Projects, Lituanistics Development Programme, Intergovernmental Cooperations Programmes, etc. Vilnius University strongly aims to strengthen science, business, and industry cooperation for successful innovations, research commercialization, and knowledge transfer. Research administration is a complex process which involves different offices such as the research and innovations, finance and economics, international programmes and relations, personnel, strategic development with monitoring, support, consultations, coordination, intellectual property rights services for faculties and departments. R&D is based on principles of total quality management. Research administration and management system is considered as increasingly important, always with due respect to the freedom of the researcher. Research administration and management system is oriented to work in an innovative and entrepreneurship manner which enable to combine scientific excellence with knowledge valorization (the process of translating newly developed knowledge into economic activity) and social applications.


Education/Professional Career


PhD Studies of mechanical engineering, Aleksandras Stulginskis university
since 1997:business advisor, researcher at  JSC “Kvalitetas”
since 2003:assoc.professor at Vilnius university