Communication Manager (2018-2019), Member of MC, Member of WG1

Description of job and tasks involved

• Proposing and shaping project ideas in line with the University of Rijeka strategy and EU funding options

• Preparation, implementation, coordination, monitoring and evaluation of projects of strategic importance for the University

• Holding lectures and workshops on project preparation and project management

• Advising and supporting researchers in matching funding sources to their projects ideas, project proposal preparation and implementation

• Mentoring

• Outreach and dissemination

• University’s LEAR


Experience in European research projects

European Structural and Investment Funds, Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance, 7th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development (FP7), Horizon 2020, Lifelong Learning Programme (Leonardo da Vinci, Grundtvig), Youth in Action, Tempus and Erasmus+.



The University of Rijeka is the fundamental educational and research institution in western part of Croatia. It has 14 constituents: one academy, nine faculties and four university departments, with over 48 study programmes, more than 1.600 employees, 700 researchers and nearly 17.000 students. Its aim is to develop into a university on the same level as the modern European universities in terms of organisation, quality of teaching and research, with all the studies harmonised with Bologna process requirements. In the last 10 years, the University made a significant step forward by embarking upon the construction of the University campus which will lead to the integration of all University constituents on a single location and to co-existence of students, professors, scientists, medical doctors and other faculty personnel which will further result in the free flow of ideas, experiences and practical work.

The University’s Centre for EU projects presents the central info point on EU funding for university staff, especially researchers. The Centre assists researchers in drafting their project proposals, in finding appropriate funding schemes for their ideas and follow them in moving the project along the whole process: from the idea to the final report. The Centre also assists in matching University of Rijeka with foreign groups on EU projects.

In April 2014 University of Rijeka started the first Structural and Investment funds project, “Research Infrastructure for Campus-based Laboratories at University of Rijeka“, the preparation of which was coordinated by the Centre for EU projects, as Centre prepares and manages projects of strategic importance for whole University.

The University has many years of experience in project management, with over 80 successfully implemented international projects over financed from various EU funds and programmes.

The majority of these projects fit into funding schemes related to  higher education and science but nonetheless, projects aiming at establishing tighter relations with external stakeholders, private sector and local community, are gaining a significant share in a total number of projects since the University sees SME development programmes as the most important economic development factor for Croatia.


Education/Professional Career

2017-present:Projects and Programmes Manager, Centre for EU projects, University of Rijeka
2012-2016:Expert Associate, Centre for EU projects, University of Rijeka
2009-2011:Grants and Projects Assistant, Foundation of the University of Rijeka


MA in Entrepreneurship Economics, Faculty of Economics, University of Rijeka