WG2 Leader (2018-2019), Member of MC, Member of WG2

Description of job and tasks involved

  • Sending information on daily basis about open calls for proposals in technical scientific disciplines and all types of research, from basic research to applied research carried out in partnership with higher education institutions and private companies, including SMEs.
  • Analyzing the application packages and identifying the necessary application documents.
  • Creating the budget in coordination with the project team leader.
  • Providing support to researchers in project development and proposal writing.
  • Monitoring all international projects in which the University of Belgrade, School of Electrical Engineering is involved.
  • Monitoring the procedures set by different international programmes, in which ETF participates (as partner or coordinator), in contracting with other partners, coordinators, donators, third parties, and cooperation with auditing firms.
  • Supervision and harmonization of all activities directed towards project realization with national rules and regulations concerning international cooperation
  • Monitoring of all rules and regulations in accordance with national low important for project implementation.

Experience in European research projects

My hitherto experience in its essence includes the knowledge of the rules and requirements of the following programmes: H2020, IPA (CBC, Erasmus+, INTERREG, etc), Creative Europe etc., to which Serbia is eligible to apply and development, preparation, implementation and monitoring of the specific projects in accordance with the donor’s and national laws and regulations.



School of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade - ETF ( was founded in 1948 and is today the top educational and scientific institution in the field of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in Serbia. University of Belgrade is umbrella for 31 faculties and 11 research institutes. Each of these entities has legal and financial independency which means separate administration. But, some activities are centralised (on the level of University) such as activates on advancement on higher education (Erasmus+ programme) while other activities such as research are implemented on the level of Faculty. All administration tasks related Grant Management and justification of costs on EU projects are on the level of Faculty. On ETF, researchers are sole responsible for project proposal and project implementation. Project manager are available to help all researchers in both, pre-aware and post-aware phase. On the other side, all financial reports and similar documentation will be sign by Dean only after pre checking of project manager.


Education/Professional Career


Studies of Industrial engineering and management, University of Novi Sad, Faculty of technical sciences - Master of Science (M.Sc.)



2007-2010:Director at the Research Center WBC ltd
2009-2012:National Contact Point for financial and legal matters in FP7 program
2010-2013:Project manager at the University of Belgrade
since 2013:Project manager at the University of Belgrade, School of electrical engineerin