Daniela VASILE

Member of MC, Member of WG1
+40 740 113 248

Description of job and tasks involved

  • Managing the institute’s project portfolio
  • Identifying and solving the common problems found in the administration of the research projects that are under Department’s coordination or under my own coordination;
  • Assessing the risks, proposing measures to reduce or eliminate them, and sending this proposals to the Institute’s management;
  • Monitoring and reporting to the General manager the state of the art of the activities and results of the projects that are personally coordinated;
  • Designing, implementing and coordinating internal and international research projects;
  • Analysing and creating an exploiting plan for the scientific projects results
  • Represents the institute  in meetings, conferences organised in the framework of the research projects or in international or national events


Experience in European research projects

EU FP7; H2020

IAEA Research Programme

Structural Funds – Romania: - South East Europe Programme; Cross Border Cooperation Prgramme Romania – Bulgaria; Black Sea Cross Boder Cooperation Programme;

Bilateral Funds: RO-BG, RO-IT, RO-CH, Ro-FR



The National Research and Development Institute for Marine Geology and Geo-ecology – GeoEcoMar of Romania, is a research-development institute established in 1993, under the co-ordination of the Romanian Ministry of Education and Research. GeoEcoMar represents the focal point of national excellence in research and consultancy on marine, coastal, river and lacustrine geology, geophysics and geoecology, as well as a reference centre for Marine and Earth Sciences. Due to its technical capabilities and scientific performance achieved in a short period of time, the centre has become since 1996 an “institute of national interest”, its main research goal being the complex study of the Danube River-Danube Delta-Black Sea macro-geosystem. The main scientific activities and expert services of GeoEcoMar are: geology, sedimentology, stratigraphy, paleontology, geochemistry, mineralogy, grain size analysis; coastal researches and integrated management, geophysics (seismo-acoustics, 2D marine seismics, magnetometry, gravimetry, electrometry), environmental quality investigations (hydro-chemistry, gas chromatography, eco-toxicology, greenhouse gas emissions), real time monitoring and study of marine geo-hazards, geo-archaeology and geological mapping of the Romanian Black Sea continental shelf.

The institute actively participated in different Framework Programmes of the European Union since the days of FP4. In the 5th Framework Programme it coordinated for the first time an EC Project, when it became an “European Centre of Excellence” (Euro-EcoGeoCentre Romania). In Horizon 2020 GeoEcoMar is partner in HYDRALAB+. In the 7th Framework Programme GeoEcoMar has been involved in projects such as DANCERS (overall coordination), ARCH, CLIMATEWATER, HYDRALAB IV, PERSEUS, EUROFLEETS-1, EUROFLEETS-2, COCONET, CGS EUROPE, UP-GRADE BLACK SEA SCENE, FAST, RISES-AM, etc.

The scientific activity is quantified in synthetic documents and promoted through the Project Management and Marketing Office that coordinates the activity within the institute’s projects portfolio together with the scientific director and the project managers.

Starting with 2006, the institute has implemented a Quality Management System applied to geology, geoecology and geophysics. This quality system has been authorized by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance (Romania), according to ISO 9001:2008 and SR EN ISO 9001:2008.


Education/Professional Career


Bucharest University of Economic Studies
2007-2009:Master International Project Management
2015:Phd candidate – The Doctoral School of the Bucharest University of Economic Studies
2001-2008:Assistant to Executive Director and Purchasing Manager at SC FARMEXPERT DCI SA
2009-2013:Expert – Technical and scientific responsible within ENV-NCP Together – FP7 Project, at National Authority of Scientific Research
since 2012:Head of International Project Management Office at National Institute for Research and Development of Marine Geology and Geoecology – GeoEcoMar