Branka ZIZIC

Member of MC, Member of WG1
+382 20 405 331

Description of job and tasks involved

  • Awareness raising and promotion of H2020 programme and calls
  • Organising trainings, consultations etc with expert participation
  • Active role in national policy making in research field
  • Project management (capacity development for the Ministry of Science)


Experience in European research projects

FP7, H2020



Ministry of Science of Montenegro is the main research policy development and policy implementation body in Montenegrin public sector. We manage research programme funding, provide incentives for different types of research activities, promotion and specialised advice for EU framework programmes etc. We occasionally participate in EU funded projects aimed at public bodies. We participated in WBC-INCO-Net project, Researcher Night and other projects in FP7.


Education/Professional Career


 UWCAD International Baccalaureate


Professor of Serbo-Croat language and Yugoslav literatures

2014:Master of Education Policy
2000-2002:NGO Alter Modus: Social Programme Assistant
2002-2004:NGO Alter Modus: Office Manager
2005-2006:Elementary School "Branko Božović": Trainee teacher for mother language and literature
2006:KSI ltd. (Consulting, Software, Engineering): Manager of tourist information portal Montenegrobeauty
since 2007:Ministry of Science of Montenegro: Senior adviser for international scientific and technological cooperation; Senior advisor for national research programmes