Learning materials

Listed below are all best practices (presentations, FAQs, survey results etc.), which were made by members of the BESTPRAC network and shared during the joint meetings.
The list is being continually updated.

Reports from BESTPRAC meetings, training schools and STSMs can be found under their respective tabs (Events, Exchange or Training).



DateidownloadEthics issues (legal elements) in H2020 Actions post-award phase

DateidownloadPre-ethical thoughts

DateidownloadEthics Supporting Documents

DateidownloadHow to deal with ethics issues?


Financial Matters

DateidownloadFinancial Management of Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions (MSCA) in Horizon 2020 - The practitioner's perspective, November 2017

DateidownloadBESTPRAC recommendations for financial rules in FP9 (based on the results of the survey DateidownloadSustainable financial rules in FP9 for error-free financial management), October 2017

DateidownloadRisk Management from a financial point of view, September 2017

DateidownloadHorizon 2020: Unit costs in Clinical Trials, September 2017

DateidownloadGuide to Best Practice – Financial Issues (based on BESTPRAC members’ experience)

DateidownloadBudgeting at the proposal stage

DateidownloadExperiences with Audits

DateidownloadPrefinancing and Liquidity in H2020

DateidownloadFinancial management and MSCA: the Ghent University approach

DateidownloadResearch infrastructure costs: From indirect to direct costs?

DateidownloadHorizon 2020: Internal invoicing, September 2017

DateidownloadNew rules for internal invoicing in H2020 compared to FP7, March 2016

DateidownloadCFS and Financial Audit Procedure

DateidownloadFinancial management of FP7 and H2020 projects during the implementation stage

DateidownloadOpen Access and Open Data: Financial Aspects

DateidownloadBestpractice for ESIF (EDRF) 0 & 1st level controls

DateidownloadEligibility issues concerning costs related to EU-funded research (survey results)

DateidownloadBudgeting in H2020: Difficulties, tools and best practices

DateidownloadThe 2nd level audit

DateidownloadReporting in Horizon 2020

DateidownloadHorizon 2020 Personnel costs: Additional Remuneration, September 2017

DateidownloadPersonnel Costs: Best Practices For Additional Remunerations at Koç University, September 2016

DateidownloadPersonnel costs, time recording & bonus payment

DateidownloadPersonnel costs, time recording and bonus payments

DateidownloadThe importance of time-sheets as the major element for assessment in financial audit

DateidownloadDealing with time sheets

DateidownloadAudit – legal aspects

DateidownloadAudit Experiences

DateidownloadFinancial Audit of FP7 projects by EC

DateidownloadSharing experiences in ERC Grants

DateidownloadExclusion of VAT in H2020

DateidownloadExperiences in EC Audit


Legal Aspects

"Alone in the grant office" - Legal survival kit (Part 4: DateidownloadLegal aspects of joining international Research & Innovation Programmes - Risk Management), October 2017

DateidownloadThe concept of State aid in the EU-funded programmes – legal issues, September 2017

DateidownloadNon-disclosure agreements and essentials of the Grant Agreement and Consortium Agreement

DateidownloadEssentials of the Grant Agreement and Consortium Agreement

DateidownloadLegal definitions concerning IP (including major differences between definitions used under FP7 and H2020)

DateidownloadPersonnel costs, time recording & bonus payment

DateidownloadPublications and open access – the obligation to disseminate project results vs. obligation to protect the project results

DateidownloadDeclaration of honour and the selected GA provisions

DateidownloadDeclarations made by Coordinators

DateidownloadChecklist and recommendations for legal issues in the proposals for Horizon 2020 Actions

DateidownloadAudit – legal aspects

DateidownloadChecklist and tips for a Non-Disclosure Agreement for Horizon 2020 Actions

DateidownloadAnalysis of examples of basic model NDAs used by the institutions

DateidownloadUpdated versions of the Annotated Model Grant Agreement, September 2016

DateidownloadGrant Agreement Preparation

DateidownloadAdaptations to the LERU Consortium Agreement template for MSCA ITNs

DateidownloadThe LERU Model Consortium Agreement for the H2020 MSCA ITNs (case studies)

DateidownloadPractical comments for DESCA model Consortium Agreement for Horizon 2020

DateidownloadSuspension and termination of projects in FP7 and H2020


Open Data / Open Access

DateidownloadAccess to research data and its management, September 2017

DateidownloadOpen Access Strategy a first idea

DateidownloadOpen Access and Research Data Management – Best Practices of Aalto University

DateidownloadOpen Access and Open Data: Financial Aspects

DateidownloadOpen Data Pilot in H2020: Data Management Plan

DateidownloadPublications and open access – the obligation to disseminate project results vs. obligation to protect the project results


Project Management

DateidownloadHow to coordinate multiple EIT KIC operations, September 2017

DateidownloadExperiences in project management

DateidownloadIT System supporting Project Management at Silesian University of Technology

DateidownloadProject Management in H2020 Projects


Proposal Writing

DateidownloadH2020 application writing

DateidownloadApplication writing

DateidownloadWhat can we learn from the Evaluation Summary Reports?

DateidownloadFrom FP7 to H2020 feedback from ESR

DateidownloadA How-To Guide to rejected proposals

DateidownloadProposal recycling strategies #1

DateidownloadProposal recycling strategies #2

DateidownloadProposal recycling strategies #3



DateidownloadBESTPRAC reccommendations for synergies between the European Structural and Investment Funds and Horizon 2020, September 2017

DateidownloadSynergies between ESIF and H2020 - A theoretical framework, September 2016

DateidownloadBest practices related to enabling synergies with other financing programmes, September 2016


Third Parties

DateidownloadLinked third parties: Who are they, and what makes them different?

DateidownloadThird parties making personnel available to the beneficiary

DateidownloadThird parties making resources available to the beneficiary

DateidownloadCase study: third party in H2020 projects

DateidownloadThird parties and IPR

DateidownloadThird party providing in-kind contribution against reimbursement



DateidownloadGuide on Horizon Europe, September 2018

DateidownloadGuide on R&I Funding Programmes beyond Horizon 2020, September 2018

DateidownloadAnalysis of the formal requirements set out by the European Commission to obtain the HR Excellence in Research logo

DateidownloadEmployment and career development opportunities for research administrators

DateidownloadBESTPRAC FAQs: Administrative, financial and legal questions resulting from the provisions of the Model Grant Agreement / Consortium Agreement in Horizon 2020 (version 7/11/2016)

DateidownloadElectronic Signatures

DateidownloadERC grants at Ghent University

DateidownloadSharing experiences in ERC Grants

DateidownloadHandling Horizon 2020 at Vrije Universiteit Brussel

DateidownloadScientific Reporting & Communication