COST Targeted Network TN1302

The voice of research administrators - building a network of administrative excellence (BESTPRAC)


Position Title:
Member of WG1
+371 26395042

Description of job and tasks involved 

  • Administrative assistance in project proposal preparation and administrative assistance in the preparation of project agreements
  • Implementation of projects in accordance with the project competition regulations and laws
  • The project's financial performance monitoring
  • Generate reports
  • Timesheets 

Experience in European research projects

7th Framework Programme

European Structural & Investment Funds



Latvian Biomedical Research and Study Centre (BMC) is the leading scientific institute in molecular biology and biomedicine in Latvia. Since its establishment in 1993 it has evolved into a powerful scientific centre performing basic as well as applied research in molecular genetics, vaccine development, genomics and proteomics, cancer biology, immunology, biotechnology, stem cell biology, structure biology and other scientific areas. The research and infrastructure is supported by funding from the Latvian Council of Science, Ministry of Education and Science, various European funding programmes like the European Social Fund, European Regional Development Fund, as well as by industry.

Research project administration is centralized and for it is responsible Strategic Planning and Development Department. Each research project has administrative manager, who in collaboration with BMC Accounting department, Human Resources department and Procurement department provides administrative support for the implementation of projects.

Curriculum Vitae

Education/Professional Career


Second level higher educational studies - Manager of educational work and teacher of one subject, Riga Teacher Training and Educational Management Academy
2009-2011:Master Studies - Educational Management, Riga Teacher Training and Educational Management Academy
2006-2011:Manager of study process at Riga Teacher Training and Educational Management Academy
since 2011:Research project manager, Head of Strategic  Planning and Development Department at Latvian Biomedical Research and Study Centre