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Raluca-Oana ANDONE
Position Title:
Substitute Member of MC, Member of WG3
+40 232 217 454

Description of job and tasks involved

Legal adviser, Legal Office, “Petru Poni” Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry: 

  • knowing and applying labour, research and public auctions legislation (including knowledge of operating the SEAP – Public Auction Electronic System) and legislation corresponding to projects financed from structural, European and national funds;
  • advising on, drafting and approving labour, scholarships, research, public acquisition of products, services and construction works contracts;
  • providing consultancy in legal public acquisition, labour and commercial issues and issues regarding the implementing of projects financed from structural, European and national funds;
  • participation in project drafting, implementing and managing; knowledge in avoiding mistakes that can lead to financial corrections;
  • participation in Romanian and English project report drafting for OIPOSDRU, DGOIPOSCCE, SEE and EC - European Commission and to the clarification requests regarding the reimbursement application;
  • representing the institution in front of the audit organisms – European Commission, the Intermediary Organisms/The Management Authority, The Audit Authority – The Account Court;
  • representing the institution in litigation cases, in front of authorities and foreign partners (including administrative petition to the Financial Correction Minutes and litigation for the execution suspending or litigation for the annulment of the Financial Correction Minutes; administrative petition to CNSC regarding public acquisition and litigation cases regarding public acquisition).
  • LEAR – Legal Entity Appointed Representative for ICMPP in front of the European Commission in 7th Framework Programme and in the 2020 Horizon Programme, having the operating right in the ECAS – European Commission Authentication Service, from 2009 to the present;
  • establishing associations and foundations in the research field. 

University lecturer dr., Civil Law, Law Faculty, „Petre Andrei” University:

  • sustaining lectures and seminars in Civil Law. General Part. The persons and examining students;
  • publishing university books and articles and participating to scientific communications. 

Experience in European research projects

Participation in the project implementing or managing team of 8 projects – Legal adviser:


  1. Project SEETechnology no. SEE/D/0224/1.2/X „Co-operation of SEE science parks for the promotion of transnational market uptake of R&D results and technologies by SMEs”, with a duration of 3 years (2012-2014), from the “Transnational Co-operation Programme for a European area in transition on the way to integration” – South East Europe (SEE), financed by the National Development Agency - Managing Authority of the South East Europe Trans-national Cooperation Programme (MA) - Hungaria (in Romania being managed by the Ministry of Public Administration and Regional Development) with the amount of 2.000.000 Euro for the 8 parteners coordonated by the University of Maribor – Slovenia.
  2. Project „The European Social Fund – Cristofor I. Simionescu Postdoctoral scholarship programme” - ID 55216, with a duration of 3 years (2010-2013), from the 2007 – 2013 POSDRU Programme, financed by AMPOSDRU - the Labour Ministry with the amount of 4.500.000 Euro.
  3. Project POLISILMET – ID 570/04.06.2009, SMIS-CSNR 12473, with a duration of 3 years, from the POSCCE Programme, financed by ANCS - the Economy Ministry with the amount of 1.500.000 Euro.
  4. Project INTELCENTRU no. 88/SMIS-CSNR 2213 „Biopolymers and bionanoconjugates advanced Research Centre”, with a duration of 3 years (2009-2012), from 2.2.1. Operation of the 2nd Priority Axis of the POSCCE Programme, financed by ANCS with the amount of 4.350.000 Euro.
  5. Project Minilubes no. PINT-GA-216011/11.09.2008 „Mechanisms of interactions in nano-scale of novel ionic lubricants with functional surfaces (MINILUBES)”, with a duration of 5 years (2008 – 2012), from the 7th Framework Programme (Marie Curie)-SP3- People, financed by the European Comission with the ammount of 2.720.000 Euro, for the 9 partners coordinated by AC2 T  research GmbH from Austria;
  6. Project STREAM no. 264115/07.12.2010, ID FP7 - REGPOT-2010-1 „Strengthening the Romanian research capacity in Multifunctional Polimeric Materials”, with a duration of 4 years (2009-2013), from the 7th Framework Programme, SP4-Capacities, CSA-coordination and support actions, SA-support action, financed by the European Commission with the amount of 2.800.000 Euro;
  7. Project EPNOE (European Polysaccharide Network), with a duration of 4 years (2005-2009), from the Excellency Network category from the 6th Framework Programme, financed by the European Comission with the amount of  8.200.000 Euro for the 9 partners coordinated by the “Armines” Association from France.
  8. Project RAINS (Romanian Action for Integrating, Networking and Strengthening the European Research Area), with a duration of 3 years (2005-2008), from the SSA (specific support action) from the 6th Framework Programme, financed by the European Commission with the amount of 800.000 Euro.


Established in February 1949, the “Petru Poni” Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry has a sixty years tradition in fundamental and applied research in organic and inorganic chemistry and polymer science. The Institute is located in Iasi, the historical capital of the North East Region (NER) of Romania, a convergence European Region. PPIMC is an Institute of Excellence of the Romanian Academy and, based on annual evaluations, the last five years was ranked in the first/second position among the 65 institutes/centres of the Romanian Academy. This leading position is internationally recognised – the Institute for Scientific Information (ISI), Philadelphia, USA, lists the Institute among the “main Romanian actors on the international scientific scene”; in fact, the Institute holds the first position in Romania in the ISI classification as a research institute.

In the last years, by accessing different national programs and FP7 projects, PPIMC managed to strongly improve its research capacity. More than 80 on-going projects, of a total value of about 14 M Euro, were managed by the institute last years.

PPIMC functions as a coordinator for joint national and international projects and was appointed by the Romanian Ministry of Education, Research and Innovation as a Regional Contact Point for FP6/FP7 projects and National Contact Point for NMP Priority. Since 2007 the Institute also hosts the NE Romanian Regional centre for EURAXESS

Two laboratories for the certification of polymeric materials, including nanosized materials, are already organized in PPIMC and received the accreditation of RENAR, the Romanian Agency for Standardisation.

The structure of the staff (a total of 283 persons, including PhD students) is as follows: researchers – 129 (11 PhD promoters); PhD students – 56; technical and administrative personnel – 98 (19 possessing university degrees). The personnel less than 35 years old represent 30%.

The Institute is organised in 9 basic research departments, focussing on organic and polymer science, and 3 applied research departments dealing with the synthesis of new polymers and with the preparation of new polymeric materials. The institute is well equipped for structural characterisation of organic compounds and polymers, as well as for the investigation of polymeric materials.

Research interests: 

  • New synthetic polymers, functional polymers, polysiloxanes, thermally stable polymers, polyelectrolytes, polyurethanes; 
  • Chemical modification of natural polymers, high added value polymeric materials issued from biomass;
  • Bioactive and biocompatible polymers;
  • Solution and solid state properties of multicomponent systems; 
  • Environment protection and energy conservation.

The good reputation of the Institute, its increasing activity as well as its position on the international scientific scene is documented by the following results: 

  • more than 1500 scientific papers (most of them in international journals) and more than 50 books/book chapters (most of them in foreign editing houses) published the last ten years,
  • 30% of the publications are co-authored by foreign researchers,
  • 8 recognized scientists of the Institute are members of Editorial/Advisory Boards of foreign journals, i.e., Carbohydrate Polymers, European Polymer Journal, High Performance Polymers, International Journal of Polymeric Materials, and Revue Roumaine de Chimie and other national journals,
  • more than 10 scientists are members of renowned academic societies, i.e. American Chemical Society, European Scientific Association of Material Forming, International Academy of Wood Science, European Academy of Sciences and Arts, Romanian Academy,
  • since 2005, the Institute gained through competition more than 150 national projects, 3 projects in FP6, 6 projects in FP7; 6 other projects with European financing are unrolled
  • awards of the Romanian Academy, Ministry of Education, Research and Innovation, gold medals for innovation (Brussels, Moscow, Geneve); the Institute is yearly ranked (2005 – 2008) on the second/third position in Romania on the list of the “most innovative high education/research institutions”,
  • yearly, more than 250 presentations in scientific meetings,
  • participation to national/international conferences, e.g. 285/134 (2012),

The Institute is/was involved in about 100 international cooperation projects.

Curriculum Vitae

Education/Professional Career


BSc (Bachelor of Science) in Law, Private, public and international law, “Petre Andrei” University, Iaşi, Romania, Law Faculty 
2001-2002:MSc (Master of Science) in Law, Private and Public international law, “Al. I. Cuza” University, Iaşi, Romania, Law Faculty
2009-2013:PhD (Doctorate) in Law, International and European Private Law, Thesis title: The law applicable to the material and formal validity conditions of the juridical act in private international law, Moldova State University, Chişinău, Republic of Moldova, Law Faculty, Doctor diploma equated and acknowledged in 2014 by the CNRED from Romanian Ministry of Education and Research
since 2002:Legal adviser, Legal Office, “Petru Poni” Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry, Iasi, Romania
since 2002:University lecturer dr., Civil Law, Law Faculty, „Petre Andrei” University, Iasi, Romania
2002-2003:Legal adviser, Legal Office, World Trade Center (S.C. Inproiect S.R.L.), Iasi, Romania
2003-2004:Legal adviser, Legal Office, S.C. Agricola Trading PM Import-Export S.R.L., Iasi, Romania
2007-2009:Legal adviser, Legal Office, S.C. Build Corp S.R.L. (contractor of Iaşi, Timişoara, Cluj and Suceava Iulius Mall and of Iaşi Palas Mall), Iasi, Romania