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The voice of research administrators - building a network of administrative excellence (BESTPRAC)


Position Title:
Member of WG3
+39 051 2099392

Description of job and tasks involved

My position is currently Knowledge Transfer Manager at the Knowledge Transfer Office of the University of Bologna where I am in charge of:

  • Intellectual Property protection in contract research and collaborative projects, support in filing patent applications
  • management of the patent portfolio,
  • IP and innovation management in EU projects, 
  • management of international technology-transfer projects.

Experience in European research projects

FP5 (all schemes)

FP6 (all schemes)

FP7 (collaborative and research for the benefit for SMEs schemes)

+ a number of other European, international and national funding schemes such as ERDF-Trnsnational Cooperation, Tempus, etc.



The University of Bologna (UNIBO), created in 1088, is recognized as the oldest university in the western world, and one of the largest in Italy (with more than 85,000 enrolled students per year). It is organized in a multi-campus structure divided into 33 departments and 5 operating sites (Bologna, Cesena, Forlì, Ravenna and Rimini). With regard to the capability of attracting funding, UNIBO is very active both at National and European level. At European level, UNIBO is the first University in Italy for FP7 funding with more than 272 funded projects, in 58 as coordinator for a total funding nearly of 84 M€.  At National level UNIBO ranks second for competitive research funding from the Italian Government.

With regard to the international reputation, UNIBO is among the top 4/5 Italian universities in the main International rankings, e.g., 1st Italian university (188th position) in the international QS - World University Rankings of the world best universities; 5th Italian University (288th position) in the The World University Rankings; 2nd Italian University (93rd position) in the Ranking Web of World Universities.

UNIBO has a central Research Area with a specific office dedicated to European Funded Project of about 30 expert research advisor and senior project managers that support researchers during the entire life of European funded projects.

Curriculum Vitae


Degree in Cultures and Human Rights (University of Bologna - Faculty of Political Science)

Master in Open Innovation and Knowledge Transfer (Polytechnics of Milan, achieving degree in June 2015)

Professional Career

International Relations Officer at the University of Bologna (8 years)

Project Manager of FP5-FP6-FP7 Projects (13 years)

Knowledge Transfer Manager in charge of Intellectual Property Protection (1 year)