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Tihana BASIC
Position Title:
Member of WG3
+385 161 236 16

Description of job and tasks involved

At the Croatian Veterinary Institute I am working in the Secretary's Office. I'm one of two jurists in charge of legal issues and administrative and HR tasks for 252 employees. Legal issues I am involved in are public procurement, enforcement proceedings, writing of in-house regulations and communication with other public and private bodies.

I am interested and encouraged in finding funding opportunities and opportunities for project applications in the area of Horizon2020 and structural funds at Croatia's disposal.  

The Institute is interested in applying Horizon2020 projects in Social Challenges 2 and 5 and Teaming and Twinning. Also, European Structural Funds distributed by Croatia are a big opportunity for the Institute, both as the leading institution or as a partner to the economy sector.

Concerning this is my first year in the world of projects and opportunities, I need and want to learn how to best both write and manage an EU project.


Experience in European research projects

don't have experience in any European funding scheme. I participated in a few educations concerning IPA projects in 2012.

I am self educated in the area of basic idea and organization of Horizon2020 program and ESI funds.

For now, my organization doesn't have any projects applied in Horizon2020 programe but is planning to apply in Widespread programs Teaming and Twinning in 2014, and among a few others I will be in charge of managing the projects if approved by the Commission.


The Croatian Veterinary Institute (“Institute”) is the leading biomedical research institution – in the field of veterinary medicine – in Croatia. As a government-owned institution, it provides services of national interest. The mission of the Institute is to ensure, through scientific research as well as permanent and continuous animal health control and safety control of food of animal origin, the conditions for the farming of healthy animals, human health safety and environment protection. In the spirit of that mission and the being a public institution, the Institute is engaged in the diagnostics of infectious animal diseases, veterinary public health and scientific research. In addition to the Croatian Veterinary Institute in Zagreb, the tasks in the field of veterinary diagnostics and veterinary public health are also performed by the Veterinary Institutes in Križevci, Split, Rijeka and Vinkovci and the Centre for Poultry Farming in Zagreb as the branches of the Institute.

The Institute participated in one FP6 project as a partner and is a leading organization in two IPA projects. However, it does not formally have a team dealing with project management. Interest in and awareness of the necessity of project-oriented administration is growing and first steps have already been made – employment of personnel with experience in financial management of projects.

Curriculum Vitae

Education/Professional Career


Faculty of Law, Zagreb University, specialization: EU law 


Faculté du Droit et du Science Politique, Universite Paul Cezanne, Aix-Marseille 3, Aix-en-Provence, France – Erasmus student

since 2013:

legal associate at Croatian Veterinary Institute, Zagreb