COST Targeted Network TN1302

The voice of research administrators - building a network of administrative excellence (BESTPRAC)


Position Title:
Member of WG3
+38 971 968 860

Description of job and tasks involved

  • Coordination of the international students at UIST
  • Assistance to foreign professors in visa procedure at UIST
  • Preparing legal documents, preparing legal strategies, legal support to project proposals, grant agreements preparation, project proposal evaluation, support to call preparation, participation in collaborative networks and working groups.
  • Teaching activities in undergraduate studies (core courses: e-Government, e-Democracy, e-Diplomacy, e-Media; minor elective courses: Political Science, Sociology, and Public Speaking).
  • Research activities in Social Sciences
  • PR and marketing activities

Experience in European research projects

  • Project (started in May, 2012 at Sofia University in Bulgaria) “Integrated program for training and support for doctoral students in Social Sciences and Humanities at Sofia University“ under Operative Programme “Human Resources Development“ 2007-2013, financed by the European Social Fund.
  • Regional seminar „Western Balkans Platform on Education and Training: Cooperation Opportunities in Erasmus+“ (January 17-18, 2014, Athens, Greece)
  • Project „Europeans from the European medieval cities“ application for Europe for Citizens Programme (prepared in February, 2014 in cooperation with the Sector of local economic development at the Municipality of Ohrid, R. Macedonia


The University of Information Science & Technology “St. Paul the Apostle” is a state university established in 2008. The University is located in the beautiful city of Ohrid. It is a technical university specialized in ICT. The language of instruction is English. It has international academic staff and students from all over the world. The research management and administration is organized in research groups. Each group has research coordinator, usually professors and team of assistants and students (master studies). Every group has a specific area of research. Every week there are research meetings. At these meetings is presented the research work and progress in front of all academic staff.

Curriculum Vitae

Education/Professional Career


Undergraduate studies in Political Science, Sofia University, Bulgaria
2006-2008:Postgraduate studies in Political Management, Sofia University, Bulgaria
2006-2008:Intern at Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science in Sofia, Department of European Integration and International Cooperation
since 2009:Teaching assistant at University of Information Science & Technology “St. Paul the Apostle”, Ohrid, R. Macedonia
since 2010:PhD studies in Comparative Politics, Sofia University, Bulgaria
since 2013:President of the Youth Council at the Municipality of Ohrid, R. Macedonia