Lisbon | December 2018

Training School: How to support successful grant proposals in FP9: from Cross-cutting Issues to Grant Writing

December 10-12, 2018 | Lisbon, Portugal


The high complexity and competitivity of the current research and innovation ecosystem, with a growing diversity of funding sources associated with often complicated application processes, necessitates the support of research administrator experts in pre-award and, particularly in grant writing/grant revision. As such, research administrators play a key role in supporting both, research institutions and individual researchers getting competitive funding and improving successful rates, particularly in high competitive funding schemes as EU Framework Programmes for Research and Innovation.

The role of research administrators in institutions is now more important than ever, given the increasing need for external research funding. Securing science funding simply cannot perform without efficient processes running their engine. Scouting opportunities and support to proposal preparation, particularly in grant writing and revision, reinforced by a strong knowledge on EU funding programmes and its specificities are key to success. 



This training school is a three-day practical course designed for administrative staff who have been assigned to these tasks in pre-award, and who:

●  are familiar with the H2020 proposal preparation procedures, but also

●  have limited experience or training in grant writing/grant revision.

What will the participants get out of this?

First and foremost, this training school is primarily about sharing knowledge, best practices, practical solutions, tips and hints, with:

●  Focus on the role of Research Administrators (RA) in the topic;

●  Providing training for RA by RA;

●  Integrating presentations by experts with practical examples and exercises;

●  Ample time will be set aside for Q&A sessions and discussions. 


●  R&D EU funding: from H2020 to FP9

●  Grant writing (focus on the Impact section)

●  Cross-cutting issues (Ethics, Gender, Open access & Data management)

●  Science communication


Target groups

A - Research administrators involved in the pre-award tasks, particularly EU proposals grant writing / grant revision and preparation for submission. Early stage administrators and applicants from institutions in so-called COST inclusiveness countries are especially encouraged to apply.

B - Research administrators from Portugal (Lisbon and other regions) involved in the pre-award tasks, particularly EU proposals grant writing / grant revision and preparation for submission. Early stage administrators are especially encouraged to apply.

Number of Training School participants: Up to 30 trainees (group A - 15 trainees + group B - 15 trainees)


Financial support

A lump sum of 650 Euros towards travel and accommodation expenses (target group A). Candidates from Portugal (outside the Lisbon area) can also apply for Group A, but the lump sum will be of 350 Euros.

No additional financial support is available from COST. 

Please do not buy tickets or make hotel reservations before you have received the official invitation through the e-COST system to attend the Training School. Only after having received this official invitation are you entitled to receive reimbursement.



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NOVA School of Social Sciences and Humanities / Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas

Avenida de Berna, 26-C

1069-061 Lisboa, Portugal

Contact details

Local organizers and Training School Managers (for any question concerning organization and programme): EmailMadalena Martins and EmailCristina Oliveira

Grant Holder (for questions on registration and reimbursement): EmailAndri Charalambous