Working Groups

The Working Groups were a specificity of the COST Targeted Network (and of COST Actions in general), it was a way the network was divided into smaller groups. However, when planning BESTPRAC events or looking for volunteers these identifiers are still used therefore do not be surprised if you are asked which Working Group do you identify with.

WG1: Administration
Working group 1 (Administration) will cover issues relating to the overall management of externally funded research projects. Through meetings, training schools, and workplace exchange, the following key issues will be addressed: Project establishing (tools, methods and procedures); cross-cultural barriers; overall reporting, timesheets and closing of projects; audit.
WG2: Finance
Working group 2 (Finance) will cover issues relating to the financial aspects of preparing and running cross-European projects. Through meetings and summer schools, the following key issues will be addressed: accounting practices, VAT, overhead, exchange rates, audit.
WG3: Legal
Working group 3 (Legal) will cover issues relating to the legal framework of the projects. Through meetings, training events and workshops, the following issues will be covered: A new framework programme standard contract and consortium agreement, IPR, and IPR in working with third parties, patenting and technology transfer, international legal frameworks.