Position Title:
Member of WG3
+40 21 269 07 77

Description of job and tasks involved


  • Advising on International legal frameworks;
  • Participation and advising on contract and project drafting, implementing and managing;
  • Advising on, drafting and approving labour, research, public acquisition of products, services and construction works contracts;
  • Advising on and participation on legal public acquisition, labour and commercial issues regarding the implementing of projects financed from structural, European and national funds;
  • Representing the institution in litigation cases, in front of authorities and foreign partners;
  • Advising on IPR, patenting and technology transfer.

Experience in European research projects

Participation as a Legal adviser in the implementation of European research projects:

1. POSCCE/ 905/14040/28.09.2010, 2010-2015, “Research center for integrated systems nanotechnologies and carbon based nanomaterials” – CENASIC, Priority Axis 2: “Competitiveness via research, technological development and innovation” Intervention field: D.2.2 „Investments in CDI infrastructure and development of administrative capability”. Operation: O2.2.1. “Developing the available C-D infrastructure and creating a new C-D infrastructure”.

2. EEA Research Programme, "Research within priority sectors", Financial Mechanism SEE 2009 - 2014: Project: N-IBCell- "Engineered group III-N-(As) alloys and low-dimensional heterostructures for high efficiency intermediate band solar cells".

3. ESA (European Space Agency) Project: "0-level encapsulation of reliable MEMS switch structures for RF applications", ESA Contract No. 4000110819/14/NL/CBi, 2014- 2016.



The National Institute for Research and Development in Microtechnologies – IMT Bucharest was set up at the end of 1996. The Institute is the successor of the Institute for Microtechnologies - IMT (founded in 1993) which merge with the Research Institute for Electronic Components - ICCE (founded in 1969). IMT Bucharest is coordinated by the Ministry of Education and Scientific Research.

 IMT has 22 Romanian partners from academia and industry and 132 partners from EU counties and also partners from Argentina, Korea, South Africa, Rep. of Moldova. The funding is 70% competitive won, and covers many fields as: ICT, Nanotechnologies, Health, Environmental, Space and Security. Its mission is devoted to development of micro- nano-bio-technologies and nanoelectronics. The main research fields are in closed connections to KETs (Key Enabling Technologies): RF-MEMS, photonics, nano-bio-technologies, sensors for different market oriented applications, graphene based nanodevices, wide bandgap semiconductors, microfluidics, rapid prototyping.

IMT-Bucharest offer a collaborative environment, being visible at national level, especially by coordinator (or as partner) in different types of projects, financed from the Second National Plan PN II or STAR program funded by ROSA (Romanian Space Agency). The institute was involved in 12 FP7 projects (IPs, STREPs, CA) and related FP7 projects as ENIAC, ERANET, COST, many of them on-going in 2015. IMT is partner in a ECSEL H2020 project.

IMT was recently involved in 4 structural funds different types of projects in new scientific fields: carbon-based integrated systems & nanomaterials, microfluidic for nanosystem self-assembling, micro-nanotechnologies, focused on research, investments, postdoctoral studies, support for services in Microsystem and nanotechnology in the transfrontalier region Romania- Bulgaria.

The 2011 Report of EC on Innovation placed IMT - Bucharest on the 5 position among the first five organizations (and the only national institute) as far as funding from EU programmes was concerned. Digital Agenda 2013, published a result regarding most active organizations in terms of ICT R&D EC contribution granted to the FP7 research projects, and IMT- Bucharest is on the 4th position of the first “Top 50 RO organisations by funding, 2007 - 2012 (cumulated figures)”.

The research activity of the institute is going on through 4 centers, grouping 10 R&D laboratories: 

1.  MIMOMEMS: European Research Centre of Excellence “Micro- and nano systems for radiofrequency and photonics”- as a follow-up of the European project MIMOMEMS (RF and Opto MEMS), a European Centre of Excellence financed by the EC (2008-2011).

2.  CNT- IMT: Centre of Nanotechnologies” (under the aegis of the Romanian Academy)

3.  CENASIC: Research Centre for nanotechnologies and carbon – based nanomaterial

4.  CINTECH: Research Centre for integration of technologies” (micro-nano-biotechnologies)

Resources: The institute displays a broad range of experimental and computing resources for micro- and nanotechnologies, from computer-aided simulation and design techniques, to characterization tools, fabrication equipments (including a mask shop, EBL nanolitography) and testing equipments (including a reliability laboratory). Most of these resources are now grouped in the IMT-Bucharest centre for Micro- and NAnoFABrication (IMT-MINAFAB). IMT-MINAFAB is a facility open for research, education and innovation and is certificated ISO 9001:2008.

Technology Transfer and Innovation activities are carried out since 2005, through the Centre for Technology Transfer in Microengineering (CTT-Baneasa), and in June 2006, a Science and Technology Park for Micro- and Nanotechnologies (MINATECH-RO) was set-up by a consortium with two partners: IMT-Bucharest (housing most of the park area) and University "Politehnica" Bucharest.

Education and Training activities of IMT-Bucharest are in cooperation with universities from Romania, EU and may other counties: undergraduate, M.Sc. and Ph.D. studies, and also for "hands-on training". Since October 2009, IMT-Bucharest is covering fully a number of disciplines in the new M.Sc. program, organized by the University "Politehnica" of Bucharest. Students from Italy and France visited us for shorter or longer periods.

Conferences and Publications: Since 1978, IMT-Bucharest is organizing the “Annual Conference for Semiconductors (CAS)”, which became in 1991 an IEEE event, now largely devoted to micro- and nanotechnologies. IMT is also co-organizer (together with the Romanian Academy) of the "National Seminar for Nanoscience and Nanotechnologies" (the 14th edition in 2015). The institute is co-editing (in English) the series of volumes Micro- and Nanoengineering", in the Publishing House of the Romanian Academy (21 volumes until 2013).

Curriculum Vitae

Education/Professional Career


BSc (Bachelor of Science) in Law, University of Bucharest, Law Faculty, Bucharest, Romania
2009-2010:MSc (Master of Science) in Public International Law and Diplomacy, “Titu Maiorescu” University, Law Faculty, Bucharest, Romania
2001-2003:Legal adviser, MEDIA PRO – SMG, Bucharest, Romania
2003-2008:Product manager, International trade office, DACIA RENAULT NISSAN, Bucharest, Romania
2008-2009:Legal and corporate affairs adviser, Industrial Affairs Department, HOLCIM ROMANIA, Bucharest, Romania
2009-2012:counselor, MINISTRY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS, Bucharest, Romania