BESTPRAC-EARMA virtual meeting | June 2021

BESTPRAC-EARMA Virtual Meeting

June 14-15, 2021 | Zoom platform

The second joint BESTPRAC-EARMA meeting was held from June 14-15, 2021 on the Zoom platform.

Many thanks to all our speakers, moderators and meeting coordinators for making this unique event a success!


Although the COST targeted network officially ended in October 2019, the former BESTPRAC Core Group has remained active and working hard to find solutions to keep the network activities alive beyond COST’s financial support.

As one of BESTPRAC’s sustainability initiatives, we have been working on exploring the possibilities of a joint future with EARMA and this event was organised as part of a mutually agreed pilot of one year.


DateidownloadFinal Programme

The event programme was tailored according to the needs of BESTPRAC members and comprised of a combination of plenary sessions and Working group parallel sessions, as we followed the format of former BESTPRAC meetings. The meeting included a variety of speakers, from our valuable BESTPRAC community, external speakers like the European Commission and Sylvia McCarthy from Hyperion, to researchers and RMAs who we are just starting to collaborate with and who can complement our knowledge base.


The recordings of all the sessions are available on BESTPRAC’s YouTube channel.


Plenary sessions

DateidownloadOpen Science in Horizon Europe, Alea López de San Román, Directorate General for Research and Innovation, European Commission

DateidownloadThe influence of writing style on the success of grant applications, Prof. Peter van den Besselaar, Faculty of Social Sciences, VU Amsterdam, The Netherlands

DateidownloadSoft skills for RMAs: Effective influencing in your organisation, Jan Andersen, University of Southern Denmark, Denmark

DateidownloadWho Wrote the Topics in Pillar II, Sylvia McCarthy, Hyperion Ltd.

Working Group 1 presentations

DateidownloadWriting an impactful communication and dissemination plan, Marina Papageorgiou, Climate & Atmosphere Research Center, The Cyprus Institute, Cyprus

DateidownloadSocial impact of scientific research outside of academia, Vesna Bozanic, ISCTE-IUL Instituto Universitario Lisboa, Portugal

DateidownloadTwinning/Teaming/Widening proposals – experience exchange, Prof. Jean Sciare, Climate & Atmosphere Research Center, The Cyprus Institute, Cyprus

DateidownloadConstructing a high-quality grant proposal beyond scientific excellence, Sedef Iskit, VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands

DateidownloadHow to maximize opportunities from strategies/lobbying in Brussels, Massimo Busuoli, NTNU Brussels Office

DateidownloadWhat motivates researchers to apply for external funding? How can RMAs motivate researchers?, Joanna Kartasiewicz, Kozminski University, Poland

Working Group 2 presentations

DateidownloadHow to avoid pitfalls when budgeting for Horizon Europe?, Per Inge Andresen, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway

DateidownloadInternally invoiced goods and services, Wolfram Rieneck, Medical University Innsbruck, Austria

DateidownloadIn-kind contributions by 3rd parties: Changes from H2020 to Horizon Europe, Per Inge Andresen, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway

DateidownloadMSC doctoral networks management budget, Maddalena Tognola, The University of Bern, Switzerland

DateidownloadEquipment in HEU, Primož Petek, The Slovenian Forestry Institute & Barbara Dorić, University of Ljubljana – Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Slovenia

DateidownloadBudgeting personnel costs under Horizon Europe, Per Inge Andresen, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway

DateidownloadPersonnel costs under HEU, Elena Ioannidou, The Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics, Cyprus

DateidownloadPersonnel cost in EU grants: Navigating between different fundings programmes and rules, Staška Mrak Jamnik, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

DateidownloadPersonnel cost in EU grants: Harmonization of ongoing H2020 and future HEU projects – Time recording challenge, Mirella Collini, University of Trento, Italy

Working group 3 presentations

DateidownloadNew legal challenges in Horizon Europe, Miriam Ryan, Maynooth University, Ireland

DateidownloadDeveloping an Institutional Gender Equality Plan (GEP): Our Journey at the University of Rijeka, Daria Glavan Šćulac, University of Rijeka, Croatia

DateidownloadFinal follow-up on participation of the UK in EU programmes, Nataša Jakominić Marot, University of Rijeka, Croatia


We would appreciate if you took a couple of minutes of your time to fill out a short evaluation survey letting us know what you thought of the meeting. Your feedback will help us evaluate what the positive sides of this meeting were and which aspects could be improved.

Contact details (Meeting co-organisers from BESTPRAC)

EmailAndri Charalambous, Climate and Atmosphere Research Center (CARE-C), The Cyprus Institute, Cyprus

EmailEdwin Kanters, VU University Amsterdam, Netherlands