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Communication Materials

DateidownloadBESTPRAC Booklet 2014-2019 (September 2019)

DateidownloadBESTPRAC poster (September 2019)

DateidownloadFinal BESTPRAC meeting poster (September 2019)

Dateidownload12th Working Group meeting poster (September 2019)

BESTPRAC report 1/11/2017 – 30/4/2019 (May 2019)

DateidownloadBESTPRAC flyer (April 2019)

Dateidownload10th Working Group meeting poster (September 2018)

DateidownloadBESTPRAC Booklet 2014-2017 (September 2017)

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What is the benefit of BESTPRAC for research organisations?

Why should BESTPRAC be continued?

Testimonials from BESTPRAC members: Javier, Spain | Orla, Ireland | Martin, Slovakia | Sascha, The Netherlands | Sarah, Belgium | Alessandro, Portugal | Marija, Serbia | Jan, Denmark | Nađa, Bosnia and Herzegovina | Marika, Czechia | Per Inge, Norway | Olja, Croatia

Training school, Ljubljana, February 2019

Training school, Lisbon, December 2018

Working Group meeting, Belgrade, September 2018

Training school, Belgrade, June 2018


Our discussion paper and benefits from BESTPRAC presented at the final meeting in Belgium, HÉTFA, Hungary (September 2019)

BESTPRAC – WG meeting report, University of Geneva, Switzerland (May 2019)

Open call for training school “How to support successful grant proposals in Horizon Europe: From cross-cutting issues to grant writing”, DANUBE-INCO.NET (April 2019)

Odlični raziskovalni projekti potrebujejo dobro izvedbeno podporo, National Institute of Chemistry, Slovenia (March 2019)

BESTPRAC: Excellent research requires top research support, Klaipėda University, Lithuania (March 2019)

BESTPRAC: Excellent research requires top research support, Marine Research Institute, Klaipėda University, Lithuania (March 2019)

Uspesno srecanje delovnih skupin mreze COST BESTPRAC v Tallinnu, Estoniji, Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Slovenia (March 2019)

Successful COST BESTPRAC meeting held in Tallinn, Estonia, Business Research Unit, ISCTE University Institute of Lisbon, Portugal (March 2019)

11. srecanje mreze strokovnjakov s podrocja raziskovalne podpore BESTPRAC, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia (March 2019)

Odrzan sastanak COST BESTPRAC mreže, Faculty for Special Education and Rehabilitation, University of Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina (March 2019)

Odrzan sastanak COST BESTPRAC mreže / Successful COST BESTPRAC meeting held in Tallinn, Estonia, University of Rijeka, Croatia (March 2019)

Successful COST BESTPRAC meeting held in Belgrade, Serbia, Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, Slovakia (October 2018)

HETFA at the meeting of BESTPRAC in Belgrade, HÉTFA, Hungary (September 2018)

COST BESTPRAC Training school, WBC-RTI (June 2018)

Admin power in EU projects – BESTPRAC: The voice of research administrators, WBC-RTI (June 2018)

CSS HAS and CEU organized international meeting for research managers – BESTPRAC Group STSM Budapest 2018, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Centre for Social Sciences, Hungary (May 2018)

BESTPRAC Core group and Cross-cutting working group meeting in Vienna, WBC-RTI (May 2018)

BESTPRAC meeting in Vienna, HÉTFA, Hungary (April 2018)

DateidownloadINFINITI magazine, Ministry of science, Bosnia and Herzegovina (2018)

COST success story “When EU research projects are in need of admin power” (2015)