Who/what is Working Group 3: Legal?

WG3 is a unique – highly specialized – discussion forum, collaboration and networking platform for early stage and experienced university legal counsels from all over Europe.


What is approach and future steps of WG3?

WG3 aims at analyzing and discussing of selected challenging legal issues in the European R&I programs both from theoretical and practical / hands-one point of view. Beyond the boundaries of WG3, the WG3 members certainly also target at contributing to the Joint Interactive Sessions of all three working groups at WG meetings and intend to reach out to the EU project support staff without legal background by creating survival kits “alone in the office”.

In the past meetings of WG3, a lot of topics, like GDPR, Horizon Europe, technology transfer, negotiating consortium agreements, ethics, NDAs, open access and data management, EU state aid law, procurement based contracts, etc. have been addressed.

For the upcoming meetings, the topic of GDPR, Horizon Europe and technology transfer will be continued and new topics like impact section in proposal from the legal point of view could be covered. Obviously, participants are encouraged to come up with topics which they feel are relevant for their day-to-day work as a (legal) research administrator.