Working group 1 (Administration) covers issues relating to the overall management of externally funded research projects. Through meetings, training schools, and workplace exchange, the following key issues are addressed: Project preparation and management (tools, methods and procedures); cross-cultural barriers; overall reporting, timesheets and closing of projects; audit.

Who/what is Working Group 1: Administration?

WG1 Administration is a highly motivated and active group of early stage and research administrators, these work on externally funded projects either pre-award as for instance funding advisor or post-award as a project manager, but also managers of grants desks, policy and liaison officers and others are part of the group.

What is the approach of WG1?

WG1 provides a network for capacity building, dealing with all kinds of administration issues, professionalizing our job and increasing “admin power” at the participating organizations. The group provides a safe environment for learning and development. Sharing of best practices encouraged by the Action provides the basis for the community that can exchange knowledge, request information and help each other out anytime and anywhere.

What has been done so far in WG1?

During the previous meetings WG1 has provided information for funding, dealt with cross-cutting issues and professionalization of the members; members are encouraged to actively participate in the group activities such as presenting, or being part of the projects initiated like the research support staff framework. The group dealt with more than just the European projects or other funding opportunities and administration but also education in soft skills like discussions and peer to peer learning.

What are the plans for the future of WG1?

For the upcoming period the topics addressed previously will be added onto, dealing with both technical as well as conceptual skill development for the group. Towards the end of the funding period we aim towards a sustainable community that will continue to work on their own professional development as well as influencing the decision making at a European level regarding excellent research support.

What benefits does WG1 membership offer?

As a member of working group 1 you will be part of an exciting international group of peers willing to actively develop the profession and support each other in the struggles and roadblock that are often part of our job. Furthermore, BESTPRAC provides opportunity for staff exchange, training schools and other opportunities for development.

How to join WG1?

Feel free to contact the WG-leader and Vice-leader to join WG1 and get involved in our activities.